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Wendy Green

Wendy Green (1960) died in hospital on 1st January 2005 after a long illness. Wendy entered the nursing profession on leaving School, and that was to be her lifelong career. Wendy remained unmarried and was predeceased by her father.

Hannah Greenlees

Hannah Greenlees (S4) was awarded a Gold certificate in the UK Maths Challenge in which 250,000 of the best Maths pupils from all over the UK took part in 2011. The top 40% receive Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates. It is reckoned, therefore, that winning a Silver could put a pupil in the top 20% of the best mathematicians in that particular age group in the UK.

Helen Grieve

Mrs Helen Gray entered BBS in 1945. She lived in Back Street, Freuchie.

Margaret H Grieve

Mrs Margaret McDonald entered BBS in 1927. She retired to Perth after doing office work — all branches — during her working life.

Madeleine Grimsdall

The annual visit to the First World War Battlefields took place in October 2000. Two girls, Gemma Christie and Madeleine Grimsdall spoke the words of The Exhortation at the Menin Gate on the Monday evening as the pupils took part in the daily tribute to the Fallen.

Alex Gunn

Alex Gunn (S4) was selected to represent Fife at the Area Badminton Championships in 2005.

Margot Gunn


Margot Gray (née Gunn) (1913) died aged 90 in St Andrews, after a long period of deteriorating health. Margot must have been one of the relatively few remaining FPs to have entered Bell Baxter at the age of 5, when there was still a Primary Department. She worked as a shorthand typist in the Motor Taxation Office of the County Council in Cupar for 8 years. When she married in 1933, she and her husband moved to Leicestershire. On her husband's retiral from his post in the Weights and Measures Department, they moved back to St Andrews.

Isobel M G Guthrie

Isobel Guthrie LRAM, Markinch, died in June 1991 after a life-time of teaching piano to generations of children. She entered second year at Bell Baxter School in 1928. She assisted her mother (Mrs E G H Guthrie) as teacher of Pianoforte 1930-1942, was a Partner from 1942-1952 and ran the business on her own from 1952.

Sandy Guy

Sandy Guy is the artist in residence (2010) in Glenrothes, where he has been working on four large townscape paintings to depict the contemporary life of Glenrothes. The artist chose three S6 Bell Baxter pupils, Alex Marjoram, Laura Geyer and Becky Middleton to become studio assistants to help with the completion of the art work. Over three weeks they learned more about art and what the life of an artist consists of and just how hectic it can be. The projects were being created in an open studio so that members of the public could see the work in progress and discuss it.

Jason Hain

Jason Hain of Newburgh won a coveted place at Sir Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 1998. He made his first public appearance at the age of 6, in the Newburgh Festival pageant. From 13-17 he was a member of Perth Youth Theatre and attended the Scottish Youth Theatre workshops in Glasgow during the summer. Jason gained an A pass in Drama and has played leading roles in "Peer Gynt", "Our Day Out", "Peter Pan", "Guys and Dolls", "Hiawatha", "Much Ado about Nothing" and "The Crucible". He had many excellent performances in school drama productions.

Out of thousands of hopefuls, 2001 Acting graduate Jason Hain has been chosen to play the role of the 19 year old son in the new family joining the popular ITV soap Emmerdale.

His first appearance on the soap was on 7th November. But Jason was already well known to the viewing public, who watched his progress over the summer on Soapstars: ITV’s rating-grabbing programme, charting the search for the new soap family.

“Friends called and told me I must do it.” Jason first heard about the auditions for Soapstars whilst studying at LIPA. “I saw a poster advertising the audition dates on the notice board but at the time I still had strong memories of the popstars programme and decided not to audition.

“When the auditions were advertised on TV, friends called and told me I must do it.”

In the end, it was the chance to experience a ‘cattle-call’ style of audition that persuaded Jason to go ahead.

Jason auditioned in Glasgow in July. “We were given a choice of audition pieces from everyday scenarios to why we wanted to be a Soapstar. I decided to talk about my first kiss.”

From day one they were being filmed. “The cameras made me very cautious, I didn’t want to be portrayed as the next Darius, but I slowly got used to them.”

The long audition process meant he couldn’t make plans. He already had a role lined up in a pantomime but was unable to arrange other acting work. Then, it was crunch time – hearing the final decision.

ITV sent a camera crew to his family home in Fife and Yvon Grace, a member of the panel of judges, broke the news.

“When Yvon announced I’d picked my last cabbage I was stunned.”

Jason has been acting since the age of four. He says: “There is nothing more rewarding than the response you get from your audience.”

He had a clear picture of how he saw his career developing.

“I knew I needed training and thought with the reputation of LIPA behind me that would give my career a head start.”

He envisaged he’d start off work in Theatre in Education and pantomimes and move into television work, hoping his career would blossom by his late twenties. Being in a soap was an ambition but he certainly didn’t expect this to happen so soon.

“I’m enjoying television but it’s a strenuous process. We film ten episodes every two weeks, with little time for rehearsals.”

Jason and the family were initially given a three-month contract, but this has already been extended by a further three months.

He’s also been filmed for a video to accompany the soap. ‘Soapstars: The Road to Emmerdale’ establishes the story and tells the viewer how the two families have come together.

And looking to the future, Jason says: “I still have an interest in working in both the theatre and in British cinema. But for now I’m enjoying every day as it comes.”

At Graduation 2001 Jason was the first winner of the new ‘Human Spirit Award’.

Head of Acting Iain Ormsby-Knox said of Jason: “I am very pleased for him. He is a very talented actor but he is an incredibly nice guy as well. He made a name for himself during his time at LIPA for being a very kind and caring person.

Jason was Head Monitor in the Westport Building 1994-5.

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