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Sheila Hastie

Mrs Sheila Drummond (née Hastie) (1941) died on 31st January 2011 after a time of diminishing health. When she left School, Sheila went to work as a clerkess in the office of Crawford Priory Estate, moving later, after marriage, to various businesses in Cupar. She was a life-long member of the Guide movement and an active member of the Trefoil Guild and was involved in the work of the Friends of Stratheden Hospital, attending meetings until very recently. She was predeceased by her husband 11 years ago and is survived by her daughter.

Leslie Hawthorne

Leslie Hawthorne (1953) died at the end of March 2005. Leslie trained with a local butcher, moved on later to work at Gysel's slaughterhouse and then became a lorry driver. At first he did long-distance work and latterly he worked for Fife Council. His main hobby was golf and he was Captain of Cupar Golf Club in 1991 and 1992. He is survived by his wife and 2 daughters.

David Hay

David Hay, who entered first year in 1950, became a languages teacher in West Lothian.

Linda Hay

Mrs Linda McRae (1957) (née Hay) died at home after a long illness on 31st January 2008. Linda trained as a Laboratory Technician on leaving School and worked first at Dundee College and then at Elmwood. After her marriage she and Norman moved to England for a time, returning to Perth and then later back to Cupar. After some time in other work Linda then became manageress of Hendry's Giftware shop. She was for many years involved as leader in the work of the Lifeboys (now known as the Junior Section of the Boys' Brigade). She was an enthusiastic member of the Cupar Floral Art Society and her great love outside the family home was golf. Linda appeared to have made a good recovery for a year or two, but she became very ill again in the autumn. She is survived by her husband and two daughters.

Mary Hay

Mrs Mary McAra entered BBS in 1944. She spent her working life as a Primary School Teacher in Fife. She lived in Cupar.

Agnes L Henderson

Mrs Agnes Brown entered BBS in 1948. She became a Medical Secretary and lived in Tayport.

Ella Henderson

Associate of Medical Records and Regional Medical Records Officer at Northern Regional Hospital Board, Reay House, 17 Old Edinburgh Road, Inverness. Attended BBS in the early 1940s.

Mary Henderson

Mrs Mary (May) Anderson, wife of Ian Anderson, Woodside Cottage, Charlottetown, died on 27th January 1994. She was the mother of Pamela, Hayley, Diane, Pauline, Catriona, Carol and Bryan.

Sandra Henderson

Sandra Henderson (1996) died at the end of October 2006 after a long period of ill health. Sandra's hopes and intentions to study and develop an interesting career were tragically cut short by a very serious and rare illness. She began helping at an After-School Club when she was 15. She worked with Fife council and helped to set up the Cupar Youth Café, worked at the ‘Y’ and helped to run play-schemes in Dairsie and Auchtermuchty. Three years ago she was awarded a Record of Achievement by Fife Constabulary. Later she began training at Elmwood College and managed to achieve a level 3 award in Beauty Therapy despite missing classes because of the onset of her illness. Sandra is survived by her parents.

Douglas Hendry

Douglas Hendry (1972), who lives now in New Zealand, has been appointed group editorial co-ordinator for the eight afternoon provincial newspapers in the Wilson and Horton New Zealand chain. He was formerly deputy editor of the Bay of Plenty Times. Douglas began his career with D C Thomson in Dundee and has worked in New Zealand for a number of years. He lives with his wife and two children in Tauranga, North Island.

Christine Herd

Christine (Kirsty) Colliar (née Herd) (1940s) died on 30th September 1997 after a long illness. She is survived by her husband and a son and a daughter. Her other daughter died about 2 years ago.

Thomas Herd

Thomas Herd (Kettlebridge) was Vice Head Monitor third year for 1996-7.

Jean Heron


Janey Heron (1925) died in a Nursing home on 9th May 2008 aged 95. When she left School, Janey attended the College of Commerce in Dundee and then took up a post in the Tax Office in the County Buildings, where she spent her entire working career. She retired eventually to look after her father. After he died she embarked on a world cruise, fulfilling a long-time ambition. She was an enthusiastic member of the Girl Guides movement and remained active in the Trefoil Guild. She was able to live independently in her own home until very shortly before she died.

Francesca Hill

Francesca Hill was chosen to participate in the Euroscholar scheme in 2010. She was put forward with sponsorship from Rotary Club of Cupar. She travelled to Strasbourg in January 2011 with 24 other Scottish pupils for 5 days and had the opportunity to use her language skills by surveying local people, putting together a presentation and working with pupils of different nationalities. The climax was a debate in the parliament chamber. Francesca participated enthusiastically in the discussion and was unafraid to question proposals put forward by the other groups. The visit ended with a ceilidh in which young people from Portugal, France, Greece, and Germany took part. After her experience, she gave a presentation to the Howe of Fife Rotary Club together with fellow BBHS pupil, Kathryn Gemell.

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