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Andrew McLeod Kennedy


BBHS 1961-67

Andrew was brought up on the family farm near Dairsie, attended Dairsie Primary, Bell Baxter High School and Edinburgh University, graduating BVM&S in 1972. Three days later he started working in mixed practice as a Veterinary Surgeon with Wilson and Partners in Cupar, where he has worked ever since. In 2009 he retired as senior partner, but still enjoys working part time - now mainly with small animals and without the responsibilities of running a business, as well as being the Named Vet for St Andrews University.

Married to Aileen in 1975, they have three grown up sons and three grandchildren.

Spare time is spent playing golf, gardening, church involvement, foreign travel and learning to play the accordion, as well as enjoying the fellowship of weekly meetings at the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife.

Patricia Kennedy

Patricia Kennedy is teaching special education on the east coast of the USA (2012). She is one of five siblings who attended Bell Baxter.

Theresa Kennedy

Theresa Kennedy, now Mrs McInnes, is an art teacher in Phoenix, Arizona (2012). She is the younger sister of Patrricia (qv).

Hamish Kerr

BBHS 1985-1991

I left Bell Baxter in 1991 to go to medical school at Glasgow University. I was there seven years (I also studied physiology and sports science) and graduated in 1998. I worked in Glasgow for a year then moved to upstate New York (Albany) in 1999. I completed a "residency" there which took four years and trained me as a paediatrician.

I returned to Scotland in 2003 for eighteen months. I did some more sports medicine training in Glasgow and started working with the Scottish Football Association as a Team Doctor. In 2005 we moved back to the U.S.A. where I did more sports medicine training in Boston at Harvard Medical School. After finishing that we moved back to Albany where I started out in the U.S.A. I am currently working as a Doctor for the medical center.

I still work for the S.F.A. (I went to Belarus with the U17 women's national team in October, 2008) and I am the Team Doctor for a local college, Siena. Albany is surrounded by mountains, we like to hike and bike and ski. I still play football, as does my wife. We are back in Scotland once or twice a year and keep in touch with many friends from Bell Baxter.

I have lots of memories of being a pupil. We still had the "old school" and hadn't moved when I was there. I remember my Sixth Year Chemistry project bubbling away for days on end in the lab. I remember the cafeteria and fish and chips on Friday. I remember playing Football for the school and for my House (Bell) which I was honoured to captain for a couple of years. I remember the bus to and from Cupar every day, with the rabble of kids that came from Strathmiglo. Good times mostly. I think I was taught well. It seems like yesterday, but it’s been eighteen years ...

Hannah Kerr

Mrs Hannah Robertson (née Kerr) (1927) died on 25th July 2002, very suddenly, at home. Hannah spent all her working career with Fife Council, retiring from her position as head of the Typing Pool in the County Buildings. She married in 1943, but her husband was killed on active service just a few months later. She had a lifelong connection with St John's Church. She was a keen musician, playing the piano and having a good singing voice. She also enjoyed painting.

Nancy Kerr

Nancy Kerr (1940) died at the beginning of May 2000, after years of poor health. Nancy studied in Edinburgh and became a dietician at Stracathro Hospital. Later she returned to Cupar and became a teacher of Home Economics, concentrating largely on sewing in Primary Schools. She took early retirement because of declining health.

Ben Kerridge

BBHS 2004-10

In early August 2007, Ben Kerridge, a fifth year pupil, set off with his cousin, Scott Kilbee, of Logie, a pupil at Madras College, to do an 80-mile paddle along Scotland's waterways. They hoped to raise £500 each for the Children's Hospice Association. They paddled from the Firth of Clyde along the Forth and Clyde Canal and the Union Canal, then down the River Almond to the Firth of Forth. They were repeating a trip done in the same canoe as one done by Ben's father 10 years ago. They camped overnight and had to carry with them all their food and a tent, with portage of the canoe and its contents at each of the 20 locks on the first day. Just to make it that bit more exciting, the River Almond was in flood. They had no support to make it easy!

In 2009 when he was in S6, Ben was given the opportunity to go to Johnston Space Camp in Houston, Texas. He was one of 118 Maths and Science pupils from across Scotland who attended Space Camp in the summer of that year. Of these, 38 were short-listed, and the 10 to go to NASA were finally selected after five interviews and team building activities. For 10 days in November Ben and his fellow pupils will spend time with the NASA engineers and be taken on a tour of the centre. They will attend social events in the homes of the astronauts and take part in the annual Scotland v. NASA football competition.

First Minister Alex Salmond presented the 10 Scottish pupils with a miniature book of Robert Burns' poetry the day before left for Texas. Ben was chosen to hand it over to astronaut Tony Antonelli, who will take it into space with him. During the visit Ben had the opportunity to speak to former NASA Flight Director Eugen Kranz who was involved in the efforts to save the crew of Apollo 13. Ben also visited the mission control room, paid his respects to the astronauts who lost their lives in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and experienced the feeling of weightlessness. Thepupils took on the NASA engineers in a game of football which ended in a draw.

Extracted from FPA Newsletter, December 2012:

Two FPs, Ben Kerridge and Aidan Strathearn, took part in the gruelling Mongol Rally in July. The participants undertake a 10,000 mile charity road trip from the UK to the Mongolian capital of Ulaan Baatar, crossing three mountain ranges and two deserts. Starting from Goodwood in Essex, these two were doing it in a car they described as ‘one your granny would be embarrassed by’ - namely a 1.3 litre Kia Rio. The boys, who are students at Glasgow University, were to be accompanied by a friend from Ayrshire. It is not too surprising to learn that they signed up for the trip last year during a night at the Students' Union! The trip was to take 6 weeks and the return journey was by Trans-Siberian Railway (‘chicken class’, they said). The money raised by sponsorship is for the Lotus Children's Centre Charitable Trust, and they intend to give some to St.Vincent's Hospice in Johnstone and some to the Alzheimer charity.

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