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Sonia Lumsden

Mrs Sonia White (née Lumsden) (early 1948) died on 28th March 2004 in East Kilbride. Sonia went to St Andrews University on leaving School and married soon after. She was widowed and later remarried. She lived latterly in East Kilbride and is survived by her three sons and one daughter and by her sister Thalia (qv).

Thalia Lumsden

Thalia Lumsden (1953) wrote at length to the FPA from Canada in December 2001:-

‘This is a very belated thank you to all our friends for your letters, cards, calls, flowers and prayers while John was ill and after his death. I have found it unbearable to write or ‘phone people during some very long and dark months without my best friend, lover and husband. Without the visits and calls from you with your support I don't think 1 would be back in a world without a veil over me. Thank you.

‘This year has had mixed blessings. 1 went to work in Saskatchewan to clean up a messy Fundraising campaign for a Performing Arts Centre. The people were great (they had been John's golfing and curling friends from our time there in 1996). The rest of the time I tried to heal by working in the garden and did a couple of feasibility studies in the Region, to keep the bills paid.

‘In May, Monique and Mark had another son, Aaron, - this gives me 3 grandsons, all different in their personalities. I see them every few weeks as they live north of Toronto now, both with good teaching jobs.

‘Noelle lives here with her son Luke who was 3 (in December). He has been very good in keeping my spirits up and we are good pals’.

After writing of her recent brush with cancer, Thalia goes on:

‘This month is get well time as I am going back to work, 3 days a week in Bellville for a building campaign for a long term care home. It is 3 hours drive but 1 will only drive once a week, come back for chemo and work one day in my home office. The biggest thing I have had to learn is how to take care of myself and that has been difficult but I am determined to be around for a while yet.’

Thalia died in hospital in Dundas, Ontario, on 24th November 2006 after a long illness. On leaving School, Thalia trained as a hairdresser in her father's business in Bonnygate and worked there until 1962. She was much involved in the Belle Mitchell Dance Group, but it was her interest in the Girl Guide movement that led to her first visit to the USA and subsequently to her emigrating. There she met and married her first husband who shortly afterwards moved to a post as church organist and choirmaster in Dundas, Ontario. Thalia was very active in a vast range of activities, continuing her involvement with the Guides. She also began to undertake the organisation of recitals of her husband's organ playing and the Te Deum Choir as well as bringing up their family. She taught dance, became involved in the Civil Rights movement in America and became a fund-raising consultant.

Following her divorce in the late 1980s she returned to Cupar and used her fund-raising skills to help with the repair and restoration of St James's Church. She was a founder member of the FP Association and its first Treasurer. She met and married an old friend and returned to Canada with her second husband in the mid 1990s, but he, sadly, died in 2000. Her life in Canada encompassed a wide range of interests and activities. She taught survival in the wild each summer, worked with Hamilton Volunteer Bureau, the Arts Council, and the Suzuki School of Music. She was deeply involved with the Niagara Diocese and St James's Church, Dundas. She developed and co-ordinated the Lunchroom Programme for the Hamilton Board of Education. A major part of her work was organising fund-raising and she enabled volunteers to raise large sums of money for charities in many parts of Canada.

Thalia is survived by her son and two daughters in Canada and in the UK by her brother Robin. Her other brother Gordon died just 5 weeks after Thalia.

Murdo McAndrew

Extracted from FPA Newsletter, December 2012:

Murdo McAndrew has won a coveted academy place with the leading French Rugby Club, Clermont Auvergne. Murdo plays scrum-half. He played for the School XV and for Howe of Fife and was approached by the academy's director Rioux Bertrand after he saw him playing for the under-18s in the European championships in Madrid at Easter. Murdo and his father Les (also an FP) were invited to France to discuss plans for him to train at the academy and learn French alongside several fellow Scots. The move means that Murdo, who has represented Caledonia for the past 3 years, has come a step closer to achieving his dream of becoming a professional rugby player.

Jean McAra

Mrs Jean Robertson entered BBS in 1938. She was a Postal and Telegraph Officer with the General Post Office for over 17 years.

William McAra

Bill McAra (1941) died in hospital after a short illness on 4th October 2011. Bill studied at Duncan of Jordanstone Art College in Dundee where he graduated as an Architect and worked for most of his career in Fife Council Architects' Department until he retired in 1992. He specialised in designing schools, including Collydean, St Kenneth's and Wormit Primary Schools. He received a Civic Trust Award as project architect for the restoration of the 18th Century East Lomond Limekiln. Outwith his work, his principal interest was music. He had a fine singing voice and was a member of Cupar Choral Association and of Cupar Amateur Operatic Society for many years, serving as a committee member of both. He enjoyed quiz shows and appeared on TV in Ask the Family and Fifteen to One. Bill is survived by his wife, one son and one daughter.


Robbie Macaulay

Robbie Macaulay and Matthew Rodger won the Intermediate Guitar Ensemble in 2000 at the Fife Festival of Music in the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy.

Robbie was appointed School Vice-Captain for the Session 2002-3.

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