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James Nicoll McGregor

From FPA Newsletter Issue 7: At the recent Sunday afternoon gathering in Cupar, one of those present - James McGregor, from Morebattle in Roxburghshire (1937) - was sporting a Mastermind tie, featuring the famous black chair. He reached the semi-final some years ago.

James was in the Royal Air Force from 1943-47 before going to Edinburgh University from 1947-51. He taught in Glasgow, Jedburgh, Buckhaven and Morebattle.

Kathleen H McGregor

Mrs Kathleen Bousfield entered BBS in 1938. After School she became a shorthand typist then an Accounting Machine Operator. She worked for Fife County Council before moving out to Singapore with her husband.

Mavis MacGregor

SRN, SCM Edinburgh; was Sister in Simpson Memorial, Edinburgh; Mrs J Rodger (qv), The Millstane, Tarvit Court, Cupar. Attended BBS in the early 1940s.

Norman MacGregor

Norman MacGregor, who was in second year at the time, did exceptionally well in the Maths Challenge of 2010. He qualified for the Junior Mathematical Olympiad, which puts him among the finest mathematicians of his age in the United Kingdom.

Norman also participated in the UK Maths Challenge in 2011, winning was awarded a Gold certificate. His result was the best in the School and also qualified him for the UK Mathematical Olympiad.

Sheelagh MacGregor

Sheelagh MacGregor was one of 5 students in Scotland who received recognition of an outstanding mark in Higher Geography in the 2004 examinations. She received a cheque for £25 from the Scottish Agricultural College. She is intending to study Social Sciences at University.

Emma McInnes


A LOCAL teenager has reached the final 30 of this year's Miss Scotland contest.

Emma McInnes (18) from Pitscottie was crowned Miss Teen International in 2009.

This year she entered the Miss Scotland competition, and after a series of interviews in April 2010, Emma was named in the final 30.emmamcinnes

Voting for the top 10 will take place through a national newspaper.

Emma works as a fitness coach for Fife Council and at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews.

She said: ‘Whilst being a beauty queen may not be the most important job, winning Miss Scotland would give me many more opportunities, including a chance to win the Miss World crown in Vietnam!’

Emma was crowned Miss Teen Galaxy at an international beauty pageant in Florida. She had previously won the UK heat. She had begun her secondary schooling at Madras College but moved to Bell Baxter. She hopes to become a model - but has no ambitions to be size 0.

D W Brian McInroy


BBHS 1966-72

From the 1977 School Magazine:

His many friends were saddened to hear of his untimely death in a car crash at Durham, where he was undertaking a course of teacher training at the College of Education.

At school he distinguished himself in English and Classics and he continued his studies at St Andrews University, from which he graduated in June 1976 with honours in Classics and Ancient History.

In other ways also he made a significant contribution to the life of the school. He was a popular and efficient Captain. He gave memorable performances in a number of drama group productions, including one of Jean Anouilh's Antigone. He took a prominent part in the activities of the Debating Society and he was several times a prize-winner in English Department and in Tayside Classical Association Verse-Speaking Competitions.

It is a matter of extreme regret that so promising a career should have been thus cut short and we extend to his family our heartfelt sympathy in their tragic loss.

Alexandra McIntosh

Sandra McIntosh (1959) died on 18th May 2005 in Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy. Sandra, who lived in Methil, is survived by her husband and a son and a daughter.

Bessie McIntosh

Secretary to County Road Surveyor; Mrs Ian Dickie (qv), Cardwell House, Dawsmere, Spalding, Lincs. Attended BBS in the 1930s.

Celia McIntosh

Mrs Cecilia Bisset started at BBS in 1920. She lived in Ceres and had a career in the Civil Service.

Charlotte McIntosh

Charlotte McIntosh (1929) died peacefully in hospital early in 2012 after a fall. Chatty, who had five sisters and a brother, trained as a nurse after she left school. Her first hospital was Ruchill in Glasgow, where she trained in infectious diseases and fever. This was followed by her full SRN training in the Victoria Infirmary, also in Glasgow, before she went to Falkirk to do midwifery. Family circumstances took her back to Cupar around 1941, when she cared for her father and one of her sisters. She took up a post in Netherlea Hospital in Newport, which was then a Maternity Hospital, where she worked until she retired. She continued to care for her disabled sister until her sister's death. Chatty enjoyed her active membership of Cupar Art Club for many years and she also enjoyed sewing and knitting. She was the last of her family, except for one nephew.

Charlotte Marne McIntosh

Mrs Marne Bell (née McIntosh) (1929) died on 12th February 2001 in Ninewells Hospital, after a long illness. After leaving School, Marne worked as a book-keeper in the offices of J & G Innes in Cupar. There she met her husband, Stanley Bell. They moved to Manchester where they lived until Stanley became ill and they returned to Cupar. She was predeceased by her husband many years ago and is survived by her daughter, Muriel, now Mrs Shepley, who was also a pupil of Bell Baxter in the 1950s.

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