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Bruce McNaughton

Bruce McNaughton died very suddenly on 24th December 2004. Bruce had been Janitor in the School for around 18 years, after a career in which he trained as an Engineer in Dundee and then entered the Merchant Navy. By the time he retired from the Merchant Navy he was a Chief Engineer with Denholm's Shipping Line. He is survived by his wife, 1 son and 2 daughters.

Craig McNicol

Craig McNicol,who plays the Pipes, gained a place in the National Youth Band of Scotland in 2005. He was in second year at the time.

Craig emerged victorious at the annual Centenary Music Competition in 2008, playing the Border Pipes. This instrument closely resembles the Northumbrian pipes, but has a wind bag worked with the right arm. Craig, who was in fifth year at the time, gave an accomplished and assured performance – ‘a conceit performance’ according to the adjudicator.

Sheila McNicol

BBHS 1951-7

Mrs Sheila Annan (1951) died on 18th June 2005 in St. John's Hospital, Livingston, after a long illness. On leaving School in 1957, Sheila trained as a Primary School Teacher in Dundee. Thereafter she taught in Newport and Aberdeen. She married Hugh (1946) in 1962 and did not return to teaching after the birth of their first son in 1964. Sheila is survived by her husband Hugh (also an FP) and her 2 sons.

Elizabeth MacPhail

Betty MacPhail (1943) died in hospital on 27th May 2006 after a short illness. On leaving School, Betty studied at St Andrews University. After graduating MA, she trained as a teacher and began her teaching career in Leven. This was followed by a spell at Kilrymont in St Andrews. She then became Head Teacher at New Gilston Primary School and later at Auchtermuchty School, where she remained until retirement in 1990. Betty was an Elder in Auchtermuchty Parish Church and served as Treasurer. She enjoyed singing and was a member of several choirs in St Andrews, Buckhaven and Cupar. She was also a stalwart of the local Drama Club. Her musical activities went further, for she played the guitar in the ‘Bluebell’ group who entertained lunch clubs and residential homes. She was a member of the Auchtermuchty branch of the SWRI and was an office bearer at County level. Betty had also served a term as President of the St Andrews and District Soroptimists. She is survived by her sister Kathleen.

Austin McPhee

Austin McPhee (mid-1990s) was home from America during the summer of 2000 after completing the first year of a 4 year soccer scholarship which allows him to study for a degree in English and Psychology. Playing for his College team, he has travelled all over the USA. He is the only Scottish student out of 11,000 and finds that it can be isolating. He finds also that in the USA football is a game for the rich. There are some advantages, not least of which is the fact that, if he has a football game to play, his exams are waived. Another is that, because of his Scottish accent, the teacher assumes that English is his second language and he is given 3 extra points in all his exams! While he is enjoying the experience, he does not intend to live in America after graduating.

Austin had played football professionally before going to the USA. Unfortunately he was injured and had to have an operation on his knee, forcing him to give up playing for the time being. He began coaching instead, and returned to Scotland in 2002 with the under 18s from the youth team in Wilmington. They played against a Bell Baxter team and were also due to play a match against Cupar Hearts.

Austin won a top business award and a prize of £600 in 2007. Austin is the founder of AM Sportstours, and it was the success of his efforts that won him the 2007 Regional Final of the Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust and the Royal Bank of Scotland Business Awards. He had intended to pursue a career in football but that came to an end when he sustained a knee injury, so he set up the business to provide football tours to Scotland, initially for American children. Having realised that there was an untapped market, he began to learn Japanese and expanded his business into Japan and the Far East. He has also begun organising and co-ordinating all the sports tours for St Andrews University. He was until recently the manager of Cupar Hearts Football Team which reached the final of the Scottish Amateur Cup in May 2007. Austin was then short-listed for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He did not win, but at a ceremony in Glasgow he was awarded £500 to develop his sports tourism company further.

Austin is also the managing director of AMsoccerschools which made awards in 2009 to young footballers. The aim of the organisation is to help young players to improve their skills, measuring individual development by sport science testing and video analysis. The group now has EU funding, travel plans, visits from international coaches and a partnership with an SPL club. All children who take part receive an award but special recognition is given to the Player of the Year, the Young Player of the Year, the most Improved Player of the Year and the International Player of the Year and the scorer of the Goal of the Year. Austin is a First Division player and has had spells with Dundee, Arbroath, Ross County and Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

Neil McPhee

Sporting success has come to a Cupar boy, Neil McPhee who was in 3rd year in 1996. He was included in the national tennis squad for an international match in Cardiff, along with three other young Scots. That year he had won doubles titles in the Scottish Closed, Scottish Hardcourts and Scottish Indoors championships. He also won under-14 titles at several regional tournaments over the 1996 Summer.

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