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Natalie Mulholland

Natalie Mulholland (2004) died as the result of a tragic accident in August 2009.

From The Fife Herald

Published Date:
24 September 2010

By Stuart Gillespie

 A NORTH east Fife primary school's new garden has been dedicated to two local teenagers who lost their lives in tragic accidents.

Members of the Mulholland family with headteacher Donald Gillespie (centre) and former teacher Neil Robertson (fourth from right).
Natalie Mulholland from Springfield died last August at the age of just 16 when she was struck by a train at the Cults Mill level crossing, while her cousin David Mulholland (17) was killed in a car crash on the A91 in November 2008.

Now the pair have a permanent memorial in the village in the shape of the new garden at Springfield Primary School, where both were pupils.

Members of the community attended the opening of the garden on Friday afternoon.

The decision to dedicate the garden to David and Natalie was made by the school's pupils and supporters of the project, and a plaque has been unveiled to remember the cousins.

David's mum, Pauline, said she was "really touched" by the gesture.

She told the Fife Herald: "I'm really happy that the garden will be dedicated to David and Natalie.

"Hopefully it will be a nice place for the children to sit with their thoughts.

"We first heard about the plans last year and we're really touched, especially as David and Natalie were older and the children there at the moment wouldn't really have known them."

Donald Gillespie, headteacher at Springfield Primary, said: "A lot of hard work has gone into this project by the children in the school, the Rotary Club, community services and local people who have supported Springfield Primary School.

"We would like to thank all those who have helped, and we encourage the whole community to use the garden too.

"We hope everyone will enjoy the garden and the children of the school will continue to work with the community to further develop the garden for many years to come."

Jessie Elizabeth Mungall

Mrs Betty Smith (née Mungall) (1930) died in Fort William on 9th June 2006 after a long period of ill health. She was the youngest of four sisters. After she married, Betty lived for some time in Malaysia, where her husband worked. When things there became very difficult, they returned to Cupar where her husband took over Leitch's garage business. Betty was a faithful member of the former Bonnygate Church and then of St John's Church where she was a Guild member. She was a keen amateur artist. When her health failed about 5 years ago, she moved to Fort William to be with her daughter, Elizabeth who, however, very sadly predeceased her 2 years earlier. She was also predeceased by her husband and is survived by her son Graeme.

Margaret P A Mungall

Mrs Margaret Kay started at BBS in 1923. She helped in the farmhouse with the cows and hens and driving her father.

Mary Hamilton Mungall

Mrs Mary Smith (née Mungall) (1927) died on 22nd January 2010. Mary's life was almost entirely spent as a member of a farming family. Brought up at Kedlock Farm and the last surviving one of four sisters, she married Walter Smith who farmed at Denhead, Ceres, and who predeceased Mary by many years. Mary was a very active member of Ceres Parish Church for many years, even after she moved to Cupar, until declining health made that no longer possible. She is survived by a daughter.

The BB FP Chronicle (1989) tells us that Mary was also a qualified State Registered Nurse and had served in Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service.

Louise Munn

Louise Munn (Cupar) was Deputy Head Monitor (3rd year) for the Session 1997-8. In 2000 Louise was one of a group of Duke of Edinburgh Gold level award participants who took part in an international exchange with the ‘Duke's Mob’ in South Australia.

Louise was among those selected for Scotland's 20-strong women's hockey squad in 2005. The squad were due to fly out to a training camp in South Africa early that year. She was chosen to play hockey for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2006. She is one of the 16 players selected. Louise, who was Captain of the School 1st XI, is now Mrs Baxter and a PE teacher at St. George's School in Edinburgh.

The following was copied from the Scottish Hockey website:

Midfield/Defence, Bonagrass Grove

Age: 25
Number of caps: 76 GB: 5

When you are not playing hockey for Scotland, what is your occupation?  
PE Teacher at St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh
What is the hardest thing about your training programme? 
Trying to fit in all the sessions whilst maintaining a full time job
What is the most amusing thing that you have seen on a hockey pitch? 
Louise Carroll tripping over when taking a sideline hit – there was no one near her!  (European B Division 2007)
What are you reading lately? 
Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus series, I am currently reading The Hanging Garden
Dogs or Cats?  
Neither – not really a pet person
If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 things would you take? 
1. Toothbrush
2. Toothpaste
3. Face wash
4. Photos of family and friends
5. Food stash
When did you start playing hockey and what was it that drove you to play for your country? 
I started playing in S1 at school (Bell Baxter High School, age 12).  I made steady progress through district squads and first played at Scottish U16 age group.  My own competitive instincts and desire to challenge myself and compete at the highest level motivates me to play for Scotland and GB.  I am also very patriotic so I am very proud to represent Scotland.

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