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Robert C Baldie

Robert Baldie entered BBS in 1942. He had a career in Government Service at home and abroad and lived in Edinburgh.

Christine T Balfour

Mrs Christine Kettles entered BBS in 1944. She qualified from Moray House,
Edinburgh in 1953 and taught at Lome Street School and Warout School. She married in 1957 and had three daughters. She lived in Nottingham.

Grant Balfour

Grant Balfour (1937) died in hospital at the beginning of July 2014, following an accident. When he left School, Grant went to work in the firm of Laird and Smith, Seeds Merchants, which his father managed. In 1943 he enlisted as a Trooper in the Royal Armoured Corps. He was then selected for Officer Training at Sandhurst and from there he joined the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry where he trained tank crews, before being sent to serve in Europe towards the end of the war. He finished his military service with the 13th/18th Hussars. After he was demobbed he returned to work with Laird and Smith until he retired in 1990. He was a member of the Bell Baxter Young Farmers' Club and of Cupar Rotary Club of which he was President in 1972-73. He was a keen tennis player and was actively involved in the creation of the new courts in Wormit. He also played golf and curling, enjoyed hill walking and played bridge. He was an active member of Wormit Parish Church, of which he was Treasurer for some years, and latterly of Newport Parish Church. With his wife and family he spent many caravanning holidays throughout Scotland. Grant is survived by his wife, Mary (née Spence), and his son David and daughters Rosemary and Catherine, all of whom are FPs of Bell Baxter.picture

The following obituary has been extracted from the Dundee Courier:

On market days in the post-Second World War years, Cupar Corn Exchange was a hive of activity with farmers and merchants buying and selling grain, potatoes, seeds and fertilisers.

Week in week out, Grant Balfour could be seen in the booth where he represented the family firm of seed merchants Laird & Smith. Even in those days where one’s word was one’s bond, Grant was universally recognised as one of the real gentleman in the merchant trade.

After leaving Bell Baxter where he proudly wore a Grant tartan kilt, he joined the firm with its shop in St Catherine’s Street and its store in Bobber Wynd. It was in this latter building that he learned the skills of producing grass seed mixtures to suit specific instructions from farmers.

He joined up for war time service initially with the Royal Armoured Corps prior to heading off to Sandhurst for officer training and then, as a second lieutenant in the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, he trained crews to operate Churchill and Crocodile tanks.

Then he went over to mainland Europe to take part in the final push to end the war and served as a lieutenant in the Hussars until April 1946.

Back in civilian life he not only resumed his work as a seed merchant but either competed in or followed a number of sports.

He helped Wormit Tennis Club in getting new courts and with his membership of Scotscraig Golf Club he established the Farmers v Merchants annual golf match.

He was also a keen hill walker and he and Mary, whom he married in 1950, often combined their love of the hills with motoring around Scotland.

A man of many interests, in his retirement his time was spent in his garden, playing bridge, listening to classical music and attending Newport Probus Club.

Jean B Balfour

Mrs Jean Renwick entered third year at BBS in 1947. She was an Assistant Teacher of Art in Bell Baxter from 1955-61 before emigrating to become Assistant Teacher of Art, Ascham School, Edgecliff, Australia 1962-64. She became the Diversional Therapist at a Church of England Nursing Home in 1985.

Ann B Ballantyne

On Audit Staff of Fife County Council; transferred to Edinburgh and became head-cashier in Edinburgh University Staff Club. Attended BBS in the late 1940s.

Kathleen Ballantyne

BBHS 1959-65

Was school captain.

Living and teaching since 1972 near Hamburg in the north of Germany. Now Frau Unterspann.

James Balneaves

Entered BBS in 1938. Following Military Service took an Honours Degree in English (St. Andrews 1951) which led to a Scholarship to study at Union Colllege, Shenectady, New York. He then taught stage-management, went into the catering business, taught English in private schools in Italy, was a lecturer in Feltre University and Venice University and sang with Venetian Male Voice Choir. He taught in Naunton Park School, Cheltenham, to where he retired.

Stephen Balsillie

Stephen Balsillie, School Captain 1990-1, won one of two valuable Tullis Russell Scholarships awarded each year. He is studying Chemistry at Edinburgh University.

Mrs Barbour

The redevelopment of the Westport site, which gathered pace in February 2012, stirred the pupils of the Bell Baxter Publicity Group into action. They caught up with some teachers who remembered their time teaching (and even on occasions being taught) at Westport. This is one of their stories:

Mrs Barbour attended Bell Baxter as a pupil. She fondly remembers a Tuck Shop, near the Science building, which she ran with other pupils selling sweets and coke. ‘The negatives would be the dark, noisy corridors, and the very basic Gym facilities.’

Alfred G Barclay

Alfred Barclay entered BBS in 1942 He went into Printing with J & G Innes,
Cupar then Allan Litho, Kirkcaldy. In 1963 he moved to Suffolk to take up a position with Wm Clowes, Beccles. Fred died suddenly on 10th March 1999 at home in Beccles, Suffolk. He is survived by his wife, Nancy, (née Dewar).

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