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Margaret Noble

Mrs Margaret Sasiadek entered BBS in 1934. She lived in Dunfermline.

Maureen Noble

Mrs Maureen Forrester (1948) died in Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline in 2011 after a very short illness. She was 75. After School, Maureen went to university to study Law, but her studies came to an end when marriage to Ron intervened. She continued her interest in and love of music, and when the children were at an age when she felt it suitable, she qualified as a music teacher and took up a post in Bell Baxter. She remained there for over 20 years until she took early retirement but continued to give private music lessons. Maureen had a lovely singing voice and took part in various musical and operatic productions. She had many other interests, enjoyed travelling and learning other languages, set up an Italian Group and once took part in Countdown. She was predeceased by her husband and her youngest son, Gareth (qv), and is survived by her 2 daughters, Lesley and Wendy and son Mark and her brother Tom. She had six grandchildren.

HERALD / CITIZEN, Friday, November 4, 2011

MAUREEN Forrester was well known and loved in Falkland, and residents will be shocked and saddened to hear that she died on Sunday, October 23. She lived a life less ordinary.

Maureen was born in Cupar in 1936 to Arthur and Jenny Noble, and was the youngest of five siblings.

Despite being dangled out of a first floor window by her big brothers as a toddler, she survived to sing on stage in Princes Street Gardens when she was five.
As a teenager, Maureen and her sister Lucy organised a cycling trip to Norway in 1952.

They stayed in hostels, were serenaded by admirers and generally had a wonderful time – despite constant rain.

Maureen left school and married Ron Forrester in 1955. On their honeymoon they flew to Le Touquet (with their Morris Minor Traveller in the hold!) and drove through France and across Spain.

This was the first of a number of exciting foreign trips they made together during their marriage.

Maureen and Ron made their home in Cupar, where they brought up their children Lesley, Wendy, Gareth and Mark.

Once her first three children were at school, Maureen decided to become a music teacher.

She did this in typical superwoman-style while running a home, bringing up four children and looking after a husband.

After qualifying, Maureen became a very popular member of staff at Bell Baxter High School until she retired in 1990.

Maureen and Ron moved to Falkland in 1989. Because Maureen was a very sociable person, she quickly established Willow Cottage as a hub where family, friends and the famous Italian Group laughed, talked, drank coffee and ate her marvellous home baking. (Oh – and occasionally did some Italian.)

Maureen loved music. She taught piano until very recently. Children loved her because she made learning fun.

Maureen was a talented singer, and took the lead in several Cupar Opera Society productions, including The Merry Widow. Ron and Maureen wrote and produced a Dad's Army and a Fawlty Towers play.

Maureen also produced wonderful school shows, including 'Joseph' in 1978. Charlie and Craig of The Proclaimers fame starred in this – and the rest, as they say, is history

Maureen loved her familyabove all else. She was immensely proud of her children, and of her grandchildren Jennie, Daniel, Francesco, Manucla, Ben and Marianne.
They will miss her – as will all of her friends in Falkland, Cupar and elsewhere.


Thomas William Noble

Thomas Noble entered BBS in 1939. He did his National Service in the Army and then went into Engineering. During this career he worked at John Brown's Clydebank, Pametrada Wallsend, IBM Greenock, and Hughes Glenrothes). He took a degree in Mechanical Engineering at. St Andrews in 1951 then became a Maths Lecturer at Fife College of Technology. He moved to the Maths Department at Heriot-Watt in 1971.

Barry Normand

Barry Normand won Bronze in the Triple Jump at the Scottish Schools' Track and Field Championships in the 1997 Summer Term. He was selected for the U-20 International at Deeside in 2000.

Douglas Normand

Douglas Normand, who was in sixth year in 2002, was sponsored by a local Rotary Club to take part in a course in Aberdeen exploring the opportunities available in the business world. He was intending to study Accountancy at University.

Grace C Normand

Diploma of Scottish College of Commerce; was head of Commercial Department in John Street School, Glasgow, George Watson’s Ladies’ College and Madras College, St Andrews; spent one year as Exchange Teacher in Vancouver; President of Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife Exchange Teachers’ Club; 23 Provost Wynd, Cupar. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Irene Normand

Irene Normand (1947) died on 31st July 1998 after a long illness. Irene lived in the family home in Cupar all her life and worked at the Sugar Beet Factory and then in the Bank of Scotland, from which she took early retirement about four years prior to her death.

Kenneth R Normand

Kenneth Normand (1933) died in January 1998 after a long illness. He had lived in Cupar all his life and was unmarried, continuing to live in the family home with his sister, Irene (qv). He worked with Fife County Council and the Regional Council in the County Clerk's Department. He saw five years Service in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Laura O'Hagan

Laura O'Hagan played one of the Ugly Sisters in the 2002 School Pantomime, “Cinderella”.

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