Brainstorm types of mythical creatures and unusual environments

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4. Agartha

This is a legendary city with a difference – it’s at the Earth’s core. Rumors have abounded throughout history of civilizations below our feet, but science would say that the layers of molten rock probably aren’t very conducive to pleasant living. That doesn’t stopconspiracy theorists trying to find the entrance to the subterranean city of Agartha, which they think might be in Antarctica. The first known use of the name “Agartha” was by 19th Century French occultist Alexandre Saint-Yves, but his account of a Tibetan secret society sounds more like Shambala/Shangri-La than a hidden city below the ground. A more likely source of the myth is from the Buddhist Agharti, which is a subterranean kingdom. It’s all pretty unlikely, but that doesn’t stop people looking for it!


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