Brainstorm types of mythical creatures and unusual environments

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2. Camelot

The unromantic country of England doesn’t have many mythical places – Milton Keynes and Birmingham are hardly on the same plane of fantasy as Patagonia and Tibet. But there were legends, back before there even was an England to speak of, and many of them concern King Arthur. As with much of the history in this list, there is debate over whether Arthur was real or just a legend, but his court of Camelot continues to fascinate scholars. If there was a Camelot, where was it? If there wasn’t, what was it based on? There have been plenty of contenders for the title of “real Camelot”, including Glastonbury, Winchester and even Colchester. But the romance of the city is in the story, rather than fact and the soaring towers and castles of Camelot exist mainly in the imagination.


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