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Project #: ACCVA 13-02
Question #1: There is a list that describes Central NJ Hotels, Southern NJ Hotels etc. Can you provide the number of hotels per region or the actual hotels that require delivery? Also, can you provide number of facilities requiring delivery in NJ Welcome Centers and Corporate Sectors?
Answer: In it’s quest to give its brochures, maps, etc. the highest exposure, throughout NJ, Pennsylvania, NY Thruway and Delaware, the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority will rely heavily on the experience and knowledge of the successful bidder to identify and report the number, type and best locations that are willing and able to accommodate brochure displays and also offer the highest exposure possible based on demographic history.

Question #2: What is / has been the frequency of brochure deliveries i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly in the past. If there is no data of frequency, please advise if any of sectors have preferences of delivery times, frequency of deliveries?

Answer: Again, frequency of brochure deliveries, will be determined and reported by the successful bidder, based on their knowledge of a sectors demographics, seasonal trends, etc.

Question #3: What is the volume for each sector?

Answer: Volume / sector to be determined and reported by the successful bidder.
Please note that the Authority has in past years provided the vendor with 400,000 brochures that are delivered to the vendor throughout the contract year for distribution.

Question: #4: The solicitation does not specify if we should provide a quote for monthly pricing or lump sum yearly pricing.

Answer: Actually, the Proposal Page, does state the following:
“This will be a two-year contract, bidders shall provide lump sum pricing for each year.

Pricing shall be for distribution of brochures within New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the New York Thruway.
Download 6.58 Kb.

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