Bruce almighty

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2003, Tom Shadyac

Film director, Tom Shadyac is a practising Catholic, which might come as something of a surprise for those who know that one of his earliest movies was Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. Shadyac is probably best known for his broad, popular comedies with Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy (The Nutty Professor) and Robin Williams (Patch Adams). He did try his hand at a serious movie with themes of near-death experiences and communication from beyond this world in the movie Dragonfly, starring Kevin Costner, with Linda Hunt playing a nun. The general consensus is that Shadyac is far better with comedy.
Bruce Almighty is the third in a series of comedies with Jim Carrey. After Ace Ventura, Shadyac and Carrey collaborated on an effective comic moral fable, Liar Liar.
With the combination of Bruce Almighty’s witty script and Carrey's controlled combination of serious humour and manic clowning, they found themselves with a popular film about religion and a box-office hit. It is not easy to make a credible movie about God, God's providence, human free will, and prayer, but the team succeeded. Carrey's television reporter, Bruce Nolan, is a latter-day Job who learns some profound lessons.
Morgan Freeman is an actor with great nobility and gravity and a speaking voice full of dignity, and he brings those qualities to his convincing portrayal of God. Bruce Almighty’s God also has a fine sense of humour, and some of his witty one-liners invite us and Bruce to see the world rather differently: through God's eyes. Jennifer Aniston (Friends) plays her role as the faithful but wronged fiancé just right.

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