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Test Your Knowledge - Quiz #1

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Test Your Knowledge - Quiz #1
1. Missions work may include
A) Feeding the hungry
B) Visiting lonely people
C) Helping the sick
D) All of the above
2. The primary purpose of missions is to
A) Spread the Gospel
B) Build church buildings in foreign countries
C) Go into existing churches and disciple believers

D) All of the above Submit Answers
Page 1 of THE CALL TO MISSIONS - Introduction

III. Assurance of Eternal Life
The Bible teaches that we are saved by the grace of God through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ, not by any good deeds that we dob See Ephesians 2:8,9; John 3:16.
We are saved from condemnation in order to do good works. See Ephesians 2:10. It is very important to seethe order in Ephesians 2:8-10: first, we are saved by grace through faith alone, and second, we do good works because we love God. Other major religions of the world teach that one must do good works to move toward God. Christianity teaches that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was sufficient for people to receive eternal life with God. Life with God is a free gift to all who believe. Faith that leads to salvation is much more than simply believing that Jesus is the Son of God—
even the demons understand that Jesus is the Son of God. Saving faith is not merely intellectual understanding it involves a change of heart. Saving faith involves a commitment to receive Jesus as Lord of our lives—it is trusting Jesus to give us life. Saving faith results in a change in our lifestyle—we turn from sinful ways and follow Christ. The first letter of John teaches that we can know that we have received eternal life. See 1 John

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