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Capture Options

Set Capture Input Options

You should set Capture Input Options before recording. These options allow you to define the area and type of video capture.

1 First, click Capture > Input.

2 From the submenu, select your video capture input type (explained below).


The entire computer screen is captured. You will not be able to select an area or region and the file size will be maximum.


Before recording, you can select a window (or any portion of a window) to be captured. Camtasia allows you to indicate which one. The cursor changes to a finger-pointer and when you pass it over areas that can be selected and captured, they are highlighted.


Before recording, you can define an arbitrary rectangular region with the mouse. The cursor turns to cross-hairs, which you use to draw a rectangular region on your screen. This will be the area captured.

Fixed Region…

You can capture a fixed-size rectangular region. Before recording, a dialog allows you to define the size of the region in pixels. You can add a fixed starting point as well. Define a Fixed Region.

3 Set other options or perform the recording.

Define a Fixed Region

1 Click Capture > Input and select Fixed Region.

2 The Fixed Region dialog appears.

Note: If you use [Select] to set starting point and dimensions, the numbers are automatically placed in the appropriate boxes.

3 To set a starting point manually, click a checkmark in the Fixed starting point box.

4 Type the coordinates (in screen pixels) in the Start X and Start Y box.
Alternative: Click the [Select] button to define them with the cursor.

5 To set the Width and Height, type the pixel dimensions in the boxes provided.

Alternative: Click the [Select] button to define them with the cursor.

6 Click [OK] to accept the Fixed Region.

When you proceed with the capture process, you will see the area to be captured framed by green brackets.

Capture Menu > Record Options

The Camtasia Capture Menu has four recording options:


Begins the recording sequence. Same as pressing F9 on the keyboard or clicking the record button.
Start a Recording.


Pauses the recording. Same as pressing F9 during recording or clicking the pause button. You can press F9 or the record button to resume.
Pause a Recording.


Stops the recording so you can save the file. Same as pressing F10 or clicking the stop button.
Stop a Recording.


Deletes the recording you just made.
Delete a Recording.

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