Canadian History in the Twentieth Century

Overall Expectations: CGV.02, CGV.03, CGV.04, CCV.03, CHV.01, SPV.01, SPV.02, MIV.01, MIV.02, MIV.03, MIV.04

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Overall Expectations: CGV.02, CGV.03, CGV.04, CCV.03, CHV.01, SPV.01, SPV.02, MIV.01, MIV.02, MIV.03, MIV.04.

Specific Expectations: CG2.01, CG2.03, CG2.05, CG2.06, CG3.02, CG4.01, CG4.02, CG4.03, CG4.04, CC2.03, CC3.01, CC3.04, CH1.01, CH1.04, CH2.02, CH2.03, SP1.02, SP2.02, SP2.03, SP2.04, SP2.05, SP2.07, MI1.01, MI1.02, MI2.01, MI2.02, MI2.03, MI2.04, MI3.02, MI3.04, MI4.01, MI4.02, MI4.03, MI4.04.

Activity Titles (Time + Sequence)

Activity 1

The Crash and Causes of The Great Depression

75 minutes

Activity 2

The Great Depression and its Impact on Canada

150 minutes

Activity 3

The Coming of War

75 minutes

Activity 4

The Course of the War

75 minutes

Activity 5

Canadian Contributions and the Impact of the War

150 minutes

Activity 6

Newsreels, Report

615 minutes

Prior Knowledge Required

  • Students are required to have knowledge of the social, political, and economic developments of the 1920s; Canada’s involvement in World War I (WWI); the state of French-English relations following WWI; some knowledge of Canada’s evolving relationship with the US; some knowledge of Canada’s relationship with Britain; and a basic knowledge of the Treaty of Versailles.

  • Skills required include note-making; organizing; small group work; research skills, reading, comprehension, and recognition of bias; ability to recognize and use different types of sources (primary and secondary); self-assessment; peer assessment.

Unit Planning Notes

Preparation is required for each of the activities involved. These preparations include:

  • Activity 1: preparing the stock market game and a list of economic terms with which the students must be familiar; reviewing with students previously learned skills for note making;

  • Activity 2: collecting “artifacts” for 1930s time capsule and preparing organizer chart;

  • Activity 3: preparing background lesson on Hitler’s rise to power;

  • Activity 4: preparing timeline activity and events to put on the timeline; selecting maps to be used to examine the course of WWII;

  • Activity 5: preparing organizer for students to collect information about Canada’s military contributions; preparing a list of questions that students use to examine Canada’s contributions on the home front; preparing an organizer chart for students to present their findings on the impact of the war on Canada;

  • Activity 6: meeting in advance with the librarian to set up a time for students to do research for the culminating activity; booking time in the computer lab for Internet research and for preparing the final report; preparing topic lists and questions for the activity; arranging to have a video camera and videotape to record the activity; photocopying Appendix 2.6.1 (and any chosen from web site e.g., 2.6.4 – 2.6.7) for student use.

For each activity, consideration should be given to the Individual Education Plan (IEP) of individual exceptional students for possible accommodations.

Teaching/Learning Strategies

Whole Group

  • game/role playing

  • lecture

Small Group

  • reading/note making/presentation/report

  • co-operative learning/small group discussion/analysis


  • organizers/charts/maps

Assessment and Evaluation

Diagnostic/Formative Assessment/Evaluation

  • self-assessment

  • learning logs

  • formal teacher observation (teacher checklist)

  • student-teacher conferencing (anecdotal notes/teacher checklist)

Summative Evaluation

  • presentation/performance (videotaping)

  • graphic organizer

  • formal written assignment



Approved textbooks

Catholic Register Vol. V 1933-1938, Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto: 1997

Catholic Register Vol. VI 1939-1942, Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto: 1997

Grayson, Linda. The Wretched of Canada: Letters to R.B. Bennett 1930-1935.

Kagan, Elynor, ed. Decades: Forces of Change 1896-1960 (Canada 21). Scarborough: Prentice-Hall Ginn, 1996. ISBN 0-13-239997-0

Kagan, Elynor, ed. War and Peace: Canada’s Global Role (Canada 21). Scarborough: Prentice-Hall Ginn, 1996. ISBN 0-13-459439-8

Mennill, Pauline. The Depression Years: Canada in the 1930s (Canadiana Scrapbook). Scarborough: Prentice-Hall, 1978. ISBN 0-13-199018

Pius XI, “Mit Brennender Sorge” (encyclical – “With Burning Sorrow”)

Santor, Donald M. Canadians at War (Canadiana Scrapbook). Scarborough: Prentice-Hall, 1979.
ISBN 0-013-113514-7

Woodward, Kenneth L. “In Defense of Pius XII.” Newsweek (March 30, 1998). P. 35.


The Dionne Quintuplets. National Film Board of Canada. Title Code: 106C 0178 380 MSN: 13892

Canada at War. National Film Board of Canada (series of thirteen titles) Title Code: 193B 9162 146 MSN: 32854

World War 2: Canada’s Role. Burnaby BC: Classroom Video, 1992.

Kit: Canada’s Coming of Age 1939-1945. Veterans Affairs Canada, 1995.

The 2000 Canadian Encyclopedia, World Edition. CD-ROM. McClelland and Stewart, 1999.

Web Sites

100 Great Events in Canadian History

A Priest's Tale: The Evolution of the Thinking of Eugene Cullinane CSB by Bernard M. Daly
(deals with Cullinane’s involvement in the CCF and the church’s reaction)

AsUVA 1930s project
(good variety of examples of popular culture of the 1930s [American])

The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Official Web Site


Concentration and Death Camps

D-Day Recollections, by Jim Wilkins, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, “B” Company

Dionne Quintuplets Archival Collection
(Excellent site for information of the Dionnes. According to the site, all material is considered public domain)

Engendering Consent: World War II Propaganda Posters

The Great Depression
(A project by 94/95 Grade 11 students for Heritage Post Interactive about the depression of the 1930s in Vancouver.)

The Great Depression
(An American site but good for cultural influence of US on Canada; has songs which can be played and covers examples of popular culture [sports and radio entertainment].)

Elizabeth Elsie McGill (first woman aircraft designer)
(Some information on technological developments (Hawker Hurricane) and on a woman “first”)

Greatest Films of the 1930s

The Holocaust Commission

The Hungry Thirties Relief Camps (On to Ottawa Trek)

Japanese Air Balloon Bombings Against North America During World War II

Life on a Western Canadian Prairie Farm

Marion Orr (Canadian Women Pilots)

Nanton Lancaster Society and Air Museum
(The museum commemorates the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.)

NFB Films for 1920-1945

Royal Canadian Legion

St. Maximilian Kolbe

Thank a Vet Program

Unfortunate Canadians During the Great Depression

Veteran’s Affairs

World War II

Community Resources

Holocaust Centre, 4600 Bathurst St., Toronto (416) 635-2883

The Royal Canadian Legion, 359 Kent Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0R7

Phone: 1-613-235-4391 Fax: 1-613-563-1670 or try your local Legion

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