Canadian History in the Twentieth Century

Assessment/Evaluation Techniques

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Assessment/Evaluation Techniques

  • Formal assessment of point-form notes (if used) and organizer charts for completion and accuracy

  • Informal observation of student contributions to group activity and class discussion with feedback to students


  • Some students may deliver the information orally or on cassette tape.

  • The teacher might provide a photocopy of the overhead to some students who have difficulty writing.

  • Some students may require additional time either to gather the information or record it.

  • Individual exceptional students’ IEPs should be examined so that the activity can be altered to suit their individual needs.

  • Where expectations are to be modified (according to IEP), assessment should be fitted to suit.



Kagan, Elynor, ed. War and Peace: Canada’s Global Role (Canada 21). Scarborough: Prentice-Hall Ginn, 1996. ISBN 0-13-459439-8

Santor, Donald M. Canadians at War (Canadiana Scrapbook). Scarborough: Prentice-Hall, 1979.
ISBN 0-013-113514-7


Canada at War. National Film Board of Canada (series of thirteen titles) Title Code: 193B 9162 146 MSN: 32854

World War 2: Canada’s Role. Burnaby, BC: Classroom Video, 1992.

Kit: Canada’s Coming of Age 1939-1945. Veterans Affairs Canada, 1995.

Web Sites

The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Official Web Site


D-Day Recollections, by Jim Wilkins, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, “B” Company

Engendering Consent: World War II Propaganda Posters

Elizabeth Elsie McGill (first woman aircraft designer)
(Some information on technological developments (Hawker Hurricane) and on a woman “first”)

Japanese Air Balloon Bombings Against North America During World War II

Marion Orr (Canadian Women Pilots)

Nanton Lancaster Society and Air Museum
(The museum commemorates the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.)

NFB Films for 1920-1945

Thank a Vet Program

WWII and Canada

Veteran’s Affairs
(good site - lots of coverage of various battles, etc.)


See web site for sample organizers for students to complete on home front contributions (2.5.1), battles (2.5.2), contributions at sea and in the air (2.5.3), and the impact of the war on Canada (2.5.4)

Activity 6: Newsreels/Report

Time: 615 minutes


In the culminating unit activity, students have the opportunity to exercise skills learned in this and the previous unit and employ knowledge acquired throughout Activities 1 through 5. In addition, students hone their skills of researching, recording, and communicating. Teachers assess the achievement levels of students in the four main categories of knowledge and understanding, thinking and inquiry, application, and communication. The activity involves the entire class in putting together and filming a newsmagazine type show or series of newsreels. The activity is broken into five components: research and inquiry of a set topic; preparation of a five-minute skit/scenario/role-play (newsreel); presentation of prepared performance; written report; and unit test.

Strand(s) and Expectations

Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations: CGE1e, 2c, 3d, 4f, 5a, 5b, 5e, 5f , 7b, 1h, 2a, 2b, 2d.

Strand(s): Communities: Local, National, and Global; Social, Economic, and Political Structures; Methods of Historical Inquiry

Overall Expectations: CGV.02, CGV.04, CCV.03, CHV.01, SPV.01, SPV.02, MIV.01, MIV.02, MIV.03, MIV.04.

Specific Expectations

CG2.01 - explain how American culture and lifestyle have influenced Canadians from 1900 to the present (e.g., music, dance, clothing, speech, movies, television);

CG2.03 - describe the influence of Great Britain and Europe on Canadian policies from 1900 to the present;

CG2.06 - describe Canada’s response to the Holocaust and the subsequent development of policies dealing with hate crimes and Nazi war criminals in Canada;

CC2.03 - describe the technological innovations that have changed the way war has been fought in the twentieth century;

CH1.04 - evaluate the role of movements that resulted in the founding of political parties such as Social Credit, Union Nationale, Cooperative Commonwealth Federation;

CH2.02 - describe the contributions of selected individual Canadians to the development of the Canadian identity since WWI;

CH2.03 - compare the backgrounds, careers, and contributions of twentieth-century Canadian prime ministers, in both formal and anecdotal reports;

MI1.01 - use terms related to historical organization and inquiry correctly;

MI1.02 - use who, what, where, when, why, and how questions effectively when researching historical topics and issues

MI2.01 - use school and public libraries, resource centres, museums, historic sites, and community and government resources effectively to gather information on Canadian history;

MI2.02 - use technology effectively (e.g., computer databases, Internet) effectively when researching Canadian history topics;

MI2.03 - record and organize information effectively using notes, lists, concept webs, timelines, organizers, charts, maps, graphs, and mind maps;

MI2.04 - use computer based systems effectively to organize information for research, report preparation, and presentation;

MI3.02 - distinguish between primary and secondary sources of information, and use both appropriately in historical research;

MI3.04 - demonstrate an ability to draw conclusions based on adequate and relevant supporting evidence;

MI4.01 - make reasoned generalizations or appropriate predictions based on research;

MI4.02 - demonstrate competence in research and writing (e.g., gathering information, building an argument, supporting the argument with evidence, writing clearly, editing);

MI4.03 - express ideas and arguments in a coherent manner during discussions and debates, or in graphic displays;

MI4.04 - demonstrate, after participating in dramatizations of historical events, insights into historical figures’ situations and decisions.

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