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Repositories and Collections Consulted

Archival and print research methodology has changed greatly, and for the better, in recent years as the result of the digitization of vast troves of historical records: primary documents, photographs and maps, serials, newspapers, and published books. We have made extensive use of those resources, as well as of non-digitized materials. Repositories and databases consulted for this study have included:

African-American Newspapers: The Nineteenth Century [online digital resource]: Cultural life and history during the 1800s. First-hand reports of major events and issues.

America’s Historical Newspapers [online digital resource]: Early American Newspaper Series, 1690-1900

America History and Life: Digitized index for North American history consisting of journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations and book reviews. Full-text searchable.

Cape Lookout National Seashore Archives: Print and computerized records

Documenting the American South ( ): Fully searchable internet access to texts, images, and audio files related to southern history, literature, and culture: books, diaries, posters, artifacts, letters, oral history interviews, and songs, including the 26-volume Colonial and State Records of North Carolina (1886-1907).

Havens and Bonner family papers, 1829-1890.  Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library.

H-Atlantic: International online discussion list for scholars who study British North America and the United States, Europe, West Africa, the Caribbean, and South America in a transatlantic context. Component unit of Humanities and Social Sciences Online (H-Net), housed at the Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online, Michigan State University.

JSTOR: Online digital full-text scholarly journals in a variety of fields

LexisNexis Congressional: [online digital resource] Index and abstracts for congressional committee documents, prints, reports and published hearings, legislative histories, bill texts

Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

Davis Library: Print, archival and microform resources

North Carolina Collection: Published, microform, and photographic materials on all aspects of North Carolina history including extensive newspaper clipping files.

Making of America (Cornell University Library): Digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. Especially rich in nineteenth century periodicals.

National Park Service Denver Service Center (ETIC): Extensive digital collection of CALO maps, reports, planning documents, and drawings.

National Park Service Southeast Regional Office: Digitized photographic materials

New York Times Historical Newspaper [online resource]: Full-text and full-image articles covering the entire publishing history of the newspaper (1851-2001).

North Carolina Maps ( Comprehensive, online collection of more than 3,000 historic maps of the state from the North Carolina State Archives, the North Carolina Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill, and the Outer Banks History Center.

North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office: Extensive holdings on all aspects of historic preservation, including National Register nominations

Outer Banks History Center, Manteo NC: Regional archives and research library administered by the North Carolina State Archives.

ProQuest: Full text online database of Ph.D. dissertations

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