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Hannibal Rising

Kim Harrison

Rachel Morgan

Dead Witch Walking

The Good, the Bad, and the Undead

Every which Way but Dead

A Fistful of Charms

For a Few Demons More

The Outlaw Demon Wails

White Witch, Black Curse

Black Magic Sanction

Pale Demon

A Perfect Blood

Clay Harvey

Tyler Vance

A Flash of Red

A Whisper of Black

Dwelling in the Gray

As Leo Atkins

Conner Gibbs


Play Dead

Dead Run

Dana Haynes


Jeremiah Healy

John Cuddy Series

Blunt Darts

The Staked Goat

So Like Sleep

Swan Dive

-Yesterday’s News

-Right to Die

Shallow Graves


-Act of God


-Invasion of Privacy

The Only Good Lawyer

Martin Hegwood

Big Easy Backroad

A Green-Eyed Hurricane

Sue Henry

Jessie Arnold

Murder on the Iditarod Trail

Termination Dust

Sleeping Lady

Death Takes a Passage


Murder on the Yukon Quest

Beneath the Ashes

Dead North

Cold Company

Death Trap

Murder at Five Finger Light

Degrees of Separation

Maxie McNabb

The Serpent’s Trail

The Tooth of Time

The Refugee

The End of the Road

Joan Hess

Claire Malloy Series

Strangled Prose

The Murder at the Mimosa Inn

Dear Miss Misdemeanor

A Really Cute Corpse

A Diet to Die For

Roll Over and Play Dead

Death by the Light of the Moon

Poisoned Pens

Tickled to Death

Busy Bodies

Closely Akin to Murder

A Holly, Jolly Murder

A Conventional Corpse

Out on a Limb

The Goodbye Body

Damsels in Distress

Mummy Dearest

Deader Homes and Gardens

Arly Hanks Series

Malice in Maggody

Mischief in Maggody

Much Ado in Maggody

Mortal Remains in Maggody

Madness in Maggody

Maggody in Manhattan

O Little Town of Maggody

Martians in Maggody

Miracles in Maggody

Maggody Militia

Misery Loves Maggody


Maggody and the Moon Beams

Mule Train to Maggody

Malpractice in Maggody

Merry Wives of Maggody

Carl Hiaasen


Double Whammy

Lucky You

Native Tongue

Nature Girl

Powder Burn

Sick Puppy

Skin Tight

Skinny Dip

Star Island

Stormy Weather

Strip Tease

Tourist Season


Tony Hillerman

Joe Leaphorn/Jim Chee

The Blessing Way

DanceHallofthe Dead

Listening Woman


The Dark Wind

The Ghostway


A Thief of Time

Talking God

Coyote Waits

Sacred Clowns

The Fallen Man

The First Eagle

Hunting Badger

Wailing Wind

Sinister Pig

Skeleton Man

The Shape Shifter

The Fly on the Wall

Finding Moon

Mike Hoare


Cathy Holton

Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes

Secret Lives of the Kudzu Debutantes

H. Joaquin Jackson/David Marion Wilkinson

One Ranger

J A Jance

Birds of Prey

Day of the Dead

Dana Walker Series

Hour of the Hunter

Kiss of the Bees

Day of the Dead

Queen of the Night

Johanna Brady Series

Desert Heat

Tombstone Courage

Shoot/Don’t Shoot

Dead to Rights

Skeleton Canyon

Rattlesnake Crossing

Outlaw Mountain

Devil’s Claw

Paradise Lost

Partner in Crime ***

Exit Wounds

Dead Wrong

Damage Control

Fire and Ice ***

JP Beaumont

Until Proven Guilty

Injustice for All

Trial by Fury

Taking the Fifth

Improbable Cause

A More Perfect Union

Dismissed with Prejudice

Minor in Possession

Payment in Kind

Without Due Process

Failure to Appear

Lying in Wait

Name Withheld

Breach of Duty

Birds of Prey

Partner in Crime ***

Long Time Gone

Justice Denied

Fire and Ice ***

Ali Reynolds

Edge of Evil

Web of Evil

Hand of Evil

Cruel Intent

Trial by Fire

Fatal Error

Iris Johansen

And Then You Die


Dark Summer

Long After Midnight

The Ugly Duckling

Fire Storm

Killer Dreams

On the Run

Pandora’s Daughter


What Doesn’t Kill You

Eve Duncan

The Face of Deception

The Killing Game

The Search

Body of Lies

Final Target

No One to Trust

Dead Aim

Fatal Tide

Blind Alley

Count Down


Blood Game

Eight Days to Live

Chasing the Night




Iris Johansen/Roy Johansen

Silent Thunder

Storm Cycle

Shadow Zone

Stanley Karnov

Vietnam – A History

Alex Kava

One False Move


Maggie Odell Series

A Perfect Evil

Split Second

The Soul Catcher

At the Stroke of Madness

A Necessary Evil


Black Friday



Philip Keith

Blackhorse Riders

Karen Kijewski

Kat Colorado



Kat’s Cradle

Copy Cat

Wild Cat

Alley Cat Blues

Honky Tonk Cat

Kat Scratch Fever

Stray Cat Waltz

Dean Koontz

The Darkest Evening of the Year

Raymond Koury

The Last Templar

Victor H Krulak

First to Fight (ugh)

Virginia Lanier

Death in Bloodhound Red

The House on Bloodhound Lane

Brace of Bloodhounds

Blind Bloodhound Justice

Ten Little Bloodhounds

A Bloodhound to Die For

Joe R. Lansdale

Acts of Love

The Bottoms

Cold in July

The Night Runners

Hap Collins

Savage Season

Mucho Mojo

The Two-Bear Mambo

Bad Chili

Rumble Tumble

Sunset and Sawdust

Stieg Larson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl Who Played with Fire

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest

Dennis Lehane

Mystic River

Shutter Island

Coronado Stories

The Given Day


A Drink before the War

Darkness, Take My Hand


Gone, Baby, Gone

Prayers for Rain

Moonlight Mile

David Levien

Frank Behr

City of the Sun

Where the Dead Lay

Jeff Long

The Descent


The Reckoning

Year Zero

The Fall

The Ascent

Empire of Bones

Angels of Light

The True Story of Claude Dallas (NF)

Duel of Eagles (NF)

Adam Lucas

The Best Game Ever

Tom and Ray Magliozzi

In our Humble Opinion

Maryanne Mancusi

A Conn Fashionista in King Arthurs Court

Brian Metzer

The Book of Fate

Barbara Michaels

Search the Shadows

Philip Margolin

Ties That Bind

Gone but not Forgotten

Wild Justice


Sujita Massey (

The Salaryman’s Wife

Zen Attitude

The Flower Master

The Floating Girl

The Bride’s Kimono

The Daimyo’s Daughter

-The Pearl Diver

-The Typhoon Lover

Girl in a Box

Sharon McCrumb

Zombies of the Gene Pool

Bimbos of the Death Sun

Kyle Mills

Burn Factor

Darkness Falls


The Second Horseman

Smoke Screen

Mark Beamon Series

Rising Phoenix

Storming Heaven

Free Fall

Sphere of Influence

Darkness Falls

Kirk Mitchell

Anna Turnipseed

Cry Dance

Spirit Sickness

Ancient Ones

Sky Woman Falling

Dance of the Thunder Dogs

Rick Mofina

The Panic Zone

Six Seconds

Tom Reed/Walt Sydowski

If Angels Fall

Cold Fear

Blood of Others

No Way Back

Be Mine

Jason Wade

The Dying Hour

Every Fear

A Perfect Grave

Jack Gannon

Vengeance Road

The Panic Zone

In Desperation

The Burning Edge

Luis Montalvan

Until Tuesday

David Morrell

First Blood


Last Reveille

The Totem

Blood Oath

The Brotherhood of the Rose

The Fraternity of the Stone

The League of Night and Fog

The Fifth Profession

The Covenant of the Flame

Assumed Identity

Desperate Measures

Extreme Denial

Double Image

Black Evening

Burnt Sienna

Long Lost

The Protector





The Shimmer

C.X. Moreau

Promise of Glory

Distant Valor

Katy Munger

Casey Jones


Out of Time

Money to Burn

Bad to the Bone

Better off Dead

Miyamoto Musashi

The Book of Five Rings

Gary B. Nash

The Unknown American Revolution

Julia Navarro

Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud

Janet Neel

Death’s Bright Angel

James L Nelson

By Force of Arms

The Maddest Idea

Continental Risqué

Kevin O’Brien

Make Them Cry

Watch Them Die


Final Breath

One Last Scream

Killing Spree

The Last Victim

Left for Dead

Tim O’Brien

In the Lake of the Woods

Bill O’Reilly

Who’s Looking Out for You?

Sara Paretsky (

Bleeding Kansas

VI Warshawski

Indemnity Only


Killing Orders

Bitter Medicine

Toxic Shock

Burn Marks

Guardian Angel

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