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Pictures in colour of the lakes of Killarney and South of Ireland (London, n.d.)


Ó Ríordáin, S.P.

Antiquities of the Irish countryside (London, 1953).


Smiles, S.

Self-help with illustrations of character and conduct (London, 1859). Smiles wrote biographies of engineers.


Loeber, R.

A biographical dictionary of architects in Ireland (London, 1981).


Wright, W.D.

The measurement of colour (London, 1964).


Vsetecka, J.

Engineering through the eyes of centuries (Prague, 1987), with inscription to ‘J.G. Byrnes’.


The South African Mechanical Engineer (Sept. 1961).


Colson, C.

Notes on docks and dock construction (London, 1906).


Reynolds, C.E.

Examples of design of reinforced concrete buildings (London, 1932).


Magnel, G.

Prestressed concrete (London, 1954).


Road bridges in Great Britain (London, 1951).


Lee, D.H.

Sheet piling cofferdams and caissons (London, 1949).


Cray, W.S. & Childe, H.L.

Concrete surface finishes, renderings and terrazzo (London, 1948).


Terrington, J.S.

Design of Domes (London, 1951).


Baker, A.l.L.

Raft foundations (London, 1957).


Shepley, E.

Continuous beam structures (London, 1950).


Gray, W.S.

Reinforced concrete reservoirs and tanks (London, 1954).


Baker, A.L.L.

The ultimate-load theory applied to the design of reinforced & prestressed concrete frames (London, 1956).


Douglas, A.H.

Engineering mathematics – an introductory survey of modern developments (London, 1964).


Miller, C.L. & McGarry, F.J.

The M.I.T. inter-American program in civil engineering (Cambridge MA., 1964).


Glynn, T.E.

Numerical methods for creep analysis in geotechnical problems (TCD: 1981).


Gohn, G.R. et al.

The mechanical properties of wrought phosphor bronze alloys (Philadelphia, 1956).


Townsend, R.

Chapters on the modern geometry of the point, line, and circle (Dublin, 1863).


Lancaster, F.W. & Fayen, E.G.

Information retrieval on-line (Los Angeles, 1973).


Réamonn, S.

History of the Revenue Commissioners (Dublin, 1981).


Godfrey, D.E.R.

Theoretical elasticity and plasticity for engineers (London, 1959), including notes by JGB.


Mc Carthy, D.P.

The chronology of the Irish Annals PRIA 98C (1998), two copies.


Mc Carthy, D.P. & Byrne, J.G.

Al-Khwarizmi’s sine tables and a western table with the Hindu norm of R=150 in Archive for the History of Exact Science 57 (2003), 243–66, about fifteen copies.


Duddy, J. & Keane, R. (edd)

Student yearbook & career directory (Dublin, 1984).


O’Sullivan, F.

Register of current social science research in Ireland from 1984 (1985).


Computer applications in concrete design and technology (Detroit, 1965).


Cannon, E.W. et al. (edd)

Mathematical tables and other aids to computation, no. 38 (Washington, Oct. 1952).


Cannon, E.W. et al. (edd)

Mathematical tables and other aids to computation, no. 40 (Washington, Oct. 1952).


Massonnet, Ch. et al (edd)

Calcul des structures sur ordinateur – Tome 1 Analyse matricielle des structures(Paris, 1972).


Massonnet, Ch. et al (edd)

Calcul des structures sur ordinateur – Tome 2 Applications (Paris, 1972).


Seminar – Computing for civil and structural engineering (Dublin, 1980).


American concrete institute – information for members (n.d.).


Mathematics in action – BBC television broadcasts (Spring 1966).


Archbold, R.C. et al. (edd)

Mathematical tables and other aids to computation vol.i, no. 5 (Washington, Jan. 1944).


Temple, M.

A pocket guide to spelling (London, 1985).


Irish Stamps – issue 4/96.


University of Dublin – Prospectus for visiting students 1992–93.


Hill, O.

Octavia Hill’s – Letters on housing – 1864 to 1911(London, 1933).


Westwater, F.L.

Electronic computers (London, 1962).


ICS Irish Computer Society – 1988 Yearbook. Two copies.


HP scanjet 7400c series scanner – user’s manual


Coleman, M

IFUT – A history (Dublin, 2000).


MacLysaght, E.

Irish Families – Their names, arms and origins (Dublin, 1985).


Rolleston, T.W.

Myths and legends of the Celtic race (London, 1949).


Prade, M.

Ponts & viaducs remarquables d’Europe (Poitiers), still bound in a cellophane wrapping.


Congrés International des chemins de fer – Cinquième Session – Londres : Juin-Juillet 1895 …. Vol. 2

Congrés International des chemins de fer – Cinquième Session – Londres : Juin-Juillet 1895 …. Vol. 2

Congrés International des chemins de fer – Cinquième Session – Londres : Juin-Juillet 1895 … . Vol. 4.

Congrés International des chemins de fer – Cinquième Session – Londres : Juin-Juillet 1895 … . Vol. 6.

Losack, M

Rediscovering Saint Patrick (Céile Déi : Wicklow 2011) – inscribed by the author to ‘Mary’’.

Camerota, M.

Galileo Galilei – e la cultura scientifica nell’età della controriforma (Salerno: Roma 2004).

Proceedings – World Conference on Shell Structures … October 1–4 1962, San Francisco (Washington 1964).

Burton, N.

Letters from Harold’s Cross 1850 (Carraig: Blackrock 1979).

Bennett, I. & Uí Shíthigh, M.

Clocha Oghaim Chorca Dhuibhne (Chorca Dhuibhne: Co. Chiarrai 1995).

Gloess, P.Y.

Understanding Artifical Intelligence (A. Handy: California 1981).

Capitolato Speciale tipo per Appalti di Lavori Stradali (Lib. Dello Stato: Roma 1969).

Ball, R.

The Story of the Heavens (Cassell: London 1897).

De la Vallée Poussin, C.

Leçons sur l’Approximation des fonctions d’une variable réelle (Paris 1919)’– binding in poor condition.

Stieltjes, T.-J.

Recherches sur les fractions continues (– n.d.) – soft binding neatly inscribed ‘hommage de láuteur’.

Directory of Engineers 1969 (Engineers Association: Dublin 1969).

Parker, G.W.

Elements of Mechanics with numerous examples …. (Longmans: London 1911) – inscribed ‘T.B. Byrne 4.12.’20 – Engineering School T.C.D. – Junior Class 1920–’21.’

Davidge, H.R. & Hutchinson, R.W.

Technical Electricity (Tutorial Press: London 1918) – inscribed ‘T.B. Byrne – Eng; School – T.C.D. – 28.10.1922’.

Ferguson, P. M.

Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals with Emphasis on Ultimate Strength (Wiley: New York 1958)

A ‘Science Laboratory’ notebook with the name ‘Esmond Jones – Applied Mechanics’ inscribed on the cover – entries are dated to 1921.

ARC – The Trinity College Dublin applied research and consultancy group – Directory of Services (TCD: Dublin 1977) – Roy Johnston was manager.

Incendiary bombs and Fire precautions – Air raid precautions handbook no. 9 (HMSO: London n.d.) – inscribed ‘T.B. Byrne’.

Vallicrosa, J.M.

El Libro de los fundamentos de las Tablas astronómicas de R. Abraham ibn Ezra – editción critica, con introducción y notas por José Ma Millás Vallicrosa (Madrid 1947) – with inscription ‘Copied by Tom Irwin from Jennifer Moreton’s copy – 1 February 2002’.

Argyris, J.H. & Kelsey, S.

Energy Theorems and Structural Analysis (Butterworths: London 1960).

Lanczos, C.

Applied Analysis (Dover: New York 1956 repr. 1988).

Mathematics of Computation 1:1(Jan. 1943).

Ifrah, G.

Histoire Universelle des chiffres (Laffont: Paris 1994) – it is paperback and in a box which looks as if it must have held another item?

Abbott, T.K.

The Elements of Logic (Hogges Figgis: Dublin 1913).

Smyth, W.J.

Map-making, Landscapes and Memory – A Geography of Colonial and Early Modern Ireland c. !530 – 1750 (Cork U.P.: Cork 2006).

Crowe, M.J.

A history of Vector Analysis (Dover: 1994).

Nidditch, P.H.

The Development of Mathematical Logic (Routledge: London 1962).

Higenbottam, F.

Codes and Ciphers – Teach Yourself Books (Universities Press: 1973).

Byrne, J.G. & Mullarney, A.

A report on Text Compression prepared for INSPEC (C. Sc.: Dublin 1972).

Knight, E.H.

Knights new Mechanical Dictionary … (Houghton etc.: Boston 1884) – a very thick volume whose binding is in poor condition and has lost its front cover.

Oettinger, A.G.

Run, Computer, Run – The mythology of educational innovation (Collier: New York 1969).

Masonrouge, J.

Inside IBM – A European’s Story (Fontana: 1989).

A treatise on arithmetic in Theory and Practice: For the use of the Irish National Schools (Dublin: 1845).

Pelton, J.N.

Global Talk – The Marriage of the computer World communications & Man (Harvester: Sussex 1981).

Attwood, C.

Practical Five-Figure Mathematical Tables (Macmillan: London 1967).

Greenberger, M. et al.

On-line computation and simulation OPS-3 (M.I.T.: Cambridge 1985).

Bratbergsengen, K.

EXEC-8 – En Håndbok (Tapir: c.1970).

Broise, P.

Le langage algol – applications à des problèmes de recherche opérationnelle (Dunod : Paris 1965).

Mitchell, G.P. & Willmott, A.J.

Programming a Computer in Atlas Autocode (Manchester U.P.: Manchester 1965).

Parkhill, D.F.

The Challenge of the Computer Utility (Addison-Wesley: Reading 1966).


The Media Lab – Inventing the Future at MIT (Viking: London 1987).

Stiefel, E.

Einführung in die Numerische Mathematic (Teubner: Stuttgart 1961).

Abrahams, J.R. & Coverley, G.P.

Signal flow analysis (Pergamon: Oxford 1965).

Evans, C.

The Impact of the Computer Revolution – The Might Micro (Victor Gollancz: London 1979).

The Babbage Memorial Meeting – Report of Proceedings (BCS: London 1971).

Sutherland, I.E.

Sketchpad: A Man-Machine graphical communication system – MIT Technical Report no. 296 (Lexington, 1963).

Archéologie et Calculateurs – Problèmes sémiologiques et mathématiques– Marseille 7–12 Avril 1969 (Paris 1970).

Proceedings of the Royal Society Series A no.1010 vol. 190 (17 June 1947).

March, P. (ed)

Robots (Salamander: London 1985).

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