Aboriginal Partnerships Action PlanAboriginal Partnerships Action Plan
The Murray–Darling Basin Authority pays respect to the Traditional Owners and their Nations of the Murray–Darling Basin. We acknowledge their deep cultural, social, environmental, spiritual and economic connection to their lands and waters
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Eauac annual Report 2003 Edmonton Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee Annual ReportEauac annual Report 2003 Edmonton Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee Annual Report
Lewis Cardinal – Chair Rosalie Cardinal – Vice Chair George Vass Angela Lamoureux Leonard Robinson Gina Cosco Pamela Cunningham Chris Andersen Robb Campre Karen Bruno Debbie Coulter Kathy McArdle
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Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: Population and Mobility PatternsAboriginal Peoples in Canada: Population and Mobility Patterns
Census Data to identify the aboriginal populations of Canada, their reasons for internal migration and compile the data in table and circle graph format
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Administrators, officers, traders and seigneursAdministrators, officers, traders and seigneurs
United States and from the British Isles began to change the makeup of the society. The natural growth of the Canadien population ensure the predominance of a Francophone, Catholic population in the territory of Quebec
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A. Background International Legal ContextA. Background International Legal Context
States to implement, promote and monitor the enjoyment of these and other related rights, including development of effective solutions, remedies and mechanism
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