Basic Issues systems and modelsBasic Issues systems and models
We are not simply moving from the exploration of shorter toward longer language samples. We are also replacing an emphasis on abstract forms with an interest in the utilization processes of language
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Theory By DesignTheory By Design
This paper is a draft of an unpublished book chapter. Please do not cite without permission
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Ch. 1 Thinking GeographicallyCh. 1 Thinking Geographically
Region- an area of Earth distinguished by a distinctive combination of cultural and physical features
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Making the Commercial Personal: The Authorial Value of Jerry Bruckheimer TelevisionMaking the Commercial Personal: The Authorial Value of Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Main argument: Even though Jerry Bruckheimer’s productions are “commercial and formulaic” rather than “high art” his works exhibit “authorial coherence and unique artistic identity” and so should be considered an example of ‘auteurism.’
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II. Economic Growth, Savings and InvestmentII. Economic Growth, Savings and Investment
FY00, showing a significant increase over an almost stagnant agricultural sector last year. This growth not only pulled up the entire agricultural sector performance, but also somewhat compensated for the poor outcome in manufacturing
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