Proceedings of the national assemblyProceedings of the national assembly
The Deputy Speaker took the Chair and requested members to observe a moment of silence for prayers or meditation
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Appendix 9c sa army unit histories1 InfantryAppendix 9c sa army unit histories1 Infantry
School, now at Oudtshoorn, was established in November 1953, after a chequered career dating back to the South African Military School in Bloemfontein, established in 1912
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Timeline of South Africa and South African FootballTimeline of South Africa and South African Football
This comprehensive timeline juxtaposes events in football in South Africa with the social and political history of South Africa. The timeline reflects South African perspectives and experiences as much as possible
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[Max Blumenthal]: Great to be with you[Max Blumenthal]: Great to be with you
Daily Beast, the Nation, Huffington Post, Salon com, Al Jazeera English and many other publications. We’re here to talk about his new book, just released by Nation Books, the bestseller, “Republican Gomorrah
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Chapter twenty threeChapter twenty three
The symbol of that triumph was Nelson Mandela, long a political prisoner, head of the African National Congress, and the country’s first black African president. He is shown here voting in that historic election
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