Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy LandArchaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
Blair, Edward P. Abingdon Bible Handbook. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1975. "Biblical Lands and Archaeology," pp. 368-389
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Archaeology and the Moving ImageArchaeology and the Moving Image
Finally, after providing this broad context for archaeological filmmaking, I consider potential futures for the moving image in archaeology
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The Lost CityThe Lost City
Olmec of MesoAmerica, the Minoan of Crete, and Mesopotamia. The students will then do their own research on one of these cultures and use their information to write a persuasive essay convincing the reader to either accept or reject the culture as the
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Curriculum vitae personal data nameCurriculum vitae personal data name
Special training: Studies in archaeological faunal identification at the Archaeological Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences with Prof. S. Bökönyi, Budapest (1974-1977)
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Vanessa Barrett GormanVanessa Barrett Gorman
Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2000-2015
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Curriculum Vitae whitney davisCurriculum Vitae whitney davis
Honorary Visiting Professor, Department of History of Art, University of York, on-going
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