United nations development programmeUnited nations development programme
RA. As Bashir and Museveni met in Pretoria, media reports indicated that lra leader Josep Kony, a former Roman Catholic catechist, had entered northern Uganda from Sudan heading 300 rebels for a new campaign against government forces
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From the aars presidentFrom the aars president
Rhodes Scholars to their predecessors, to each other, to Oxford, and to individuals and educational institutions nationwide. It is indeed a joy to learn about these fine young people who will follow us to Oxford in late September
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Lugenia Burns HopeLugenia Burns Hope
Her influence continues to be felt today in organizations such as the Carter Center in Atlanta
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Bob Hope Rotary Club of AtlantaBob Hope Rotary Club of Atlanta
Robert E. (Bob) Hope is a 40-year veteran of the public relations and event marketing business. He is co-owner and president of Hope-Beckham, an independent agency based in Atlanta
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Silver Tandem Productions For the Life of Me festival sponsorshipsSilver Tandem Productions For the Life of Me festival sponsorships
Through meaningful films, we begin to realize that our routine perspectives can give way to new ways of seeing the world, ourselves and others…” -moondance Film Festival
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Gsu service/Education Center Review SurveyGsu service/Education Center Review Survey
When was the center created and to which department/college/office was it originally designated? If the designation has changed, in which department/college/office does the center currently reside?
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Touchstone Story #21 One Vision Photo CaptionTouchstone Story #21 One Vision Photo Caption
Photo Caption: Ethiopian Lion Dr. Tebebe Yemane-Berhan (right) joins former U. S. President Jimmy Carter and Carter Center Trustee John Moores during a visit to Ethiopia in 2007. Photo credit: Carter Center/L. Gubb
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Touchstone Story #93 Guess Who’s a Lion? Photo Caption 1Touchstone Story #93 Guess Who’s a Lion? Photo Caption 1
Photo Caption 1: Jimmy Carter (left) was a Lion before becoming president of the United States
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