The Global Warming that Wasn’tThe Global Warming that Wasn’t
The Moon first dips into Earth's shadow at approximately 9: 15 ut (2: 15 a m. Pdt), kicking off the partial phase of the eclipse. Totality, when the Moon is fully immersed, begins at 10: 25 ut (3: 25 a m. Pdt) and lasts for nearly an hour
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A message from Mr. DrydenA message from Mr. Dryden
I’d like to wish the entire Maclary family a Happy New Year. It has been just over one year since I joined the Maclary staff as principal. Wow! How time flies. It has been an exceptional year for me, and I look forward to many more
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Timothy shanahanTimothy shanahan
Common Core Standards for the English Language Arts, Early Childhood Literacy, and Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners
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Topicality “Its”Topicality “Its”
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Town of highgateTown of highgate
Highgate Selectboard Members: Jeff Towle Chair; Andy King – Vice Chair; Luke Choiniere; Chris Yates; Diana O’Hara
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Executive summaryExecutive summary
Phase II, currently underway, will use project, state, and federal administrative records to compare outcomes for recent participants and a similar group of nonparticipants in up to five states
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Education and degreesEducation and degrees
Dissertation Title: Two paths to advanced placement calculus: An examination of secondary students’ mathematical understanding emerging from integrated and single-subject curricula
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Summary of cue, 2006-2007Summary of cue, 2006-2007
As the indicators below suggest, a number of this year’s projects have moved us towards those goals. The following summary highlights some of those for which we seek continued support in 2007-2008
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