Review of the past hurricane season summary of the past seasonReview of the past hurricane season summary of the past season
In addition, Hurricane Joaquin battered the southeastern and central Bahamas as a category 4 hurricane, and was the strongest October hurricane known to have affected the Bahamas since 1866
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A survey of Multiple Tree VisualisationA survey of Multiple Tree Visualisation
More recently, PhD and Masters’ theses regarding tree visualisation such as Nguyen3 and Nussbaumer4 include background chapters summarising the state-of-the-art at the time, but again cover only single tree visualisations
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Request for Applications (rfa)Request for Applications (rfa)
Pilot projects support studies on the self-management of fatigue and sleep in persons of all age groups with chronic and acute disorders or multiple chronic conditions
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I. The instrument, its technique and its repertoryI. The instrument, its technique and its repertory
In the Hornbostel-Sachs system the violin is classified as a Chordophone: bowed lute (or fiddle)
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Film Noir Paper Kim EastlakeFilm Noir Paper Kim Eastlake
The interconnection of all the Film Noir attributes work together to portray a message of dystopian ruin, the danger of sexuality, and the evil and corruption that spawns from this dark and dreary urban sphere
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