China News in Brief September, 2011China News in Brief September, 2011
Compiled by Yimin Zhang, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and distributed by the Kiebach Center for International Business Studies, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University
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Original: EnglishOriginal: English
Part One: Resolutions, decisions and President’s statements adopted by the Human Rights Council
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Afcom ’98 review: partnering to build the african information infrastructureAfcom ’98 review: partnering to build the african information infrastructure
WorldSpace, Iridium Africa, at&T, Hughes Network Systems, PanAmSat, Gilat, Northern Telecom (Nortel), Intelsat, Ellipso, ComSat Corporation, and Lucent Technologies
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Afghan Media Review 22 6 -2005Afghan Media Review 22 6 -2005
To date, 60,408 officers and soldiers have disarmed under the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (ddr) programme. Of this figure, 49,991 have entered the reintegration process
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Proceedings of the national assemblyProceedings of the national assembly
The Speaker took the Chair and requested members to observe a moment of silence for prayers or meditation
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For Information only Recommended by: Minister of Justice and Solicitor GeneralFor Information only Recommended by: Minister of Justice and Solicitor General
The Lieutenant Governor in Council makes the Miscellaneous Corrections and Repeal Regulation set out in the attached Appendix
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Status Report on Anglophone AfricaStatus Report on Anglophone Africa
Flowing from the definition of a pmscs, for our purposes, a psc will refer to a “corporate an entity which provides on a compensatory basis … security services by physical persons and/or entities.”2
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Policy forum armenia after the crisisPolicy forum armenia after the crisis
Fdi. But exports (which are highly concentrated around copper, molybdenum, and tourism) stagnated from 2005 when growth in income per-capita continued while exports per capita started to fall—thus the bulk of gdp growth was driven by the non-tradable sectors and
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Secretary General’s ReportSecretary General’s Report
Opening speech by the Mr Walter Schwimmer, Secretary General of the Council of Europe 23
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Conclusions of the 14th eu-ukraine ipr dialogue – Kyiv, 6 July 2016Conclusions of the 14th eu-ukraine ipr dialogue – Kyiv, 6 July 2016
The Dialogue chair on ua side was again Ms Lena Minich, Head of eu integration Department in Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (medt) and the Ukraine ip office (sipsu) counterparts mostly remained the same as last year
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South african representation abroad action plansSouth african representation abroad action plans
Invitees to include Botswana government officials, members of the diplomatic corps and Embassy contacts and the South African expatriate community living and working in Botswana. May include a performance by a South African musician/group
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Sub-committee on future security and defence capabilitiesSub-committee on future security and defence capabilities
This Secretariat Report is presented for information only and does not necessarily represent the official view of the Assembly
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Speakers’ Biography Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Luciolli : President of Atlantic Treaty Association, BrusselsSpeakers’ Biography Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Luciolli : President of Atlantic Treaty Association, Brussels
Annual International Conference of aca : nato in face of the recent Euro-Atlantic Security Challenges
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Mixed ownership companies in CanadaMixed ownership companies in Canada
Questions of performance, governance, accountability, and improper conversion of assets and control have arisen in the Russian context
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