Archived Online ExhibitArchived Online Exhibit
This exhibit was originally created in 2001 as part of the University of South Carolina’s Bicentennial
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Chapter I: John Donne’s Ovidian InfluenceChapter I: John Donne’s Ovidian Influence
However, as his uncensored work has since been made available to readers, Donne’s Ovidian style has been the source of much criticism, some of which I will address in this paper. Major critics include Ilona Bell
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Afterword: Analytic Philosophy and its OthersAfterword: Analytic Philosophy and its Others
German “Contintental” luminaries obtrude themselves, or when there is a bit of both. This can lead to impassioned denunciations – episodes in which one analytic philosopher accuses another putative member of the guild of having betrayed a communally shared conception
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By Jeffrey F. BellBy Jeffrey F. Bell
Teaser: Many critics say that Mike Griffin’s planned Moon program is too much like Apollo to excite anyone. The real problem is that it is not enough like Apollo to be affordable
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Brothers in arms: the Admiralty, the Air Ministry and the Battle of the AtlanticBrothers in arms: the Admiralty, the Air Ministry and the Battle of the Atlantic
Perhaps the most enduring as well as the most significant concerned the allocation of aircraft between the competing claims of the strategic air offensive and the campaign against the u-boats
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Creole Formation and Second Language Acquisition. Table of ContentsCreole Formation and Second Language Acquisition. Table of Contents
DeGraff (1999a). Disagreement over this has wider implications for competing theories of creole formation. Contemporary scholars remain divided over the relative contribution of superstrate and substrate languages as well as the role of language universals in
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Hands on science safety handbookHands on science safety handbook
This booklet should be used in conjunction with the Site Safety Diagrams and Chemical Inventory provided to and maintained by all secondary science teachers and the Enid Public Schools msds located at each of the secondary sites
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Bachelor of library studiesBachelor of library studies
More detailed information on the learning outcomes, content and teaching, learning and assessment methods of each module can be found in Module Specifications and other programme documentation and online at
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Loughborough universityLoughborough university
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