Bui,/Fernandez,/Tran pp 190: The History of ComputingBui,/Fernandez,/Tran pp 190: The History of Computing
The eniac is significant not only because it revolutionized the culture of science, business, and technology, but it also enhanced the role of women in the field of computer science and created a legacy for the digital age
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Liya Getachew November 20, 2006Liya Getachew November 20, 2006
This paper will explore the evolution of computers in regards to such developments and what it has all meant to democracy in the United States. The idea of digital democracy will also be discussed
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The History of Computers AbacusThe History of Computers Abacus
Approximately 4,000 years ago, the Chinese invented the Abacus. It was the first machine used for counting and calculating. It is made of a wooden frame, metal rods, and wooden beads
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Digital Preservation-miapDigital Preservation-miap
This timeline covers the history of Apple computer from the late 1970’s to 1990. It tracks the technological changes within Apple’s four major product lines during the period, the Apple II, Apple III, Lisa and Macintosh
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Advice to studentsAdvice to students
Remember your history! The 1500s were the high years of the Renaissance in much of Europe. The 1800s, emphasized in section 2, were a time when most of Europe was adjusting to the Industrial revolution, which began in the 1790s
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Digital Planet: Tomorrow\Digital Planet: Tomorrow's Technology and You, Complete, 0e (Beekman / Beekman) Chapter Exploring Our Digital Planet
B could calculate 500 times faster than the existing electromechanical calculators
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