Introduction to Our Manchu DiaryIntroduction to Our Manchu Diary
South Vietnam. The Diary covers the years 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970. It contains our day-to-day troop movements, field operations, battles, combat casualties, and remembrances of those who served in Vietnam as a Manchu
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Federal Communications Commission da 16-1202 Before theFederal Communications Commission da 16-1202 Before the
Commission's warning warrants a significant penalty. Commission action in this area is essential because unlicensed radio stations create a danger of interference to licensed communications and undermine the Commission's authority over fm broadcast
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Koor communication, incKoor communication, inc
Table of authorities II
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Section 6 Analysis of Interference Potential to Various ServicesSection 6 Analysis of Interference Potential to Various Services
The criteria for evaluating the risk of interference are defined in terms equivalent to moderate and high potential risk levels
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Rep. Itu-r bs. 2104Rep. Itu-r bs. 2104
Report has been prepared by the Radiocommunication Study Group 6 and the Radiocommunication Working Party (WP) 6E and contains information gathered from a number of external sources as well as from Radiocommunication wp 6E
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