The tandem projectThe tandem project
Historically, India has been home to believers of a whole range of religions and beliefs
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Presented by Chica and Jo Babysitter information sheet To use this documentPresented by Chica and Jo Babysitter information sheet To use this document
Fill out each section of the document with up-to-date information. Some sections should be completed for each child in your family
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Articles of ConfederationArticles of Confederation
By 1787 a crisis had arisen in North America. Unless something was done soon, the new United States could collapse and Britain could regain control of the colonies she had surrendered just a few short years before
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Framework for Information Literacy for Higher EducationFramework for Information Literacy for Higher Education
Suggestions on How to Use the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education 14
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Program information document (pid) appraisal stageProgram information document (pid) appraisal stage
Growth has recently begun to dent unemployment which stands at nearly one-third of the labor force. During this time, economic growth was driven for the first time by a high rate of export expansion, which tripled in 2001-2005
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Elections and observers in the caucasusElections and observers in the caucasus
Ivlian Haindrava is director of the Center for Development and Cooperation in Georgia. The following is adapted from a presentation at the Third Regional Seminar of Centers for Pluralism, entitled “Elections in the States of South Caucasus
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Implementing nato\Implementing nato's New Strategic Concept Thinking Outside the Box: a ten-Point Plan for nato's Next 20 Years
Security and Cooperation in Europe (osce) in 2004 and signed the accession documents of Bulgaria to nato in 2004 and to the eu in 2005
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