Cottage bowl packet 11Cottage bowl packet 11
Written by Duncan Chalmers, Elizabeth Robson Gordon, Izzy Izumi, Max Johnstone, Stuart Macdonald, Nick Penner, Connor Pierotti, Shelby Robert, Olivia Seto, Joe Su, Gennesse Walker-Scace
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Special guest Ike Jose Packet 14 (Finals 1): TossupsSpecial guest Ike Jose Packet 14 (Finals 1): Tossups
Questions by Rob Carson, Mike Cheyne, Andrew Hart, Gautam Kandlikar, Shan Kothari, Bernadette Spencer, Cody Voight, and special guest Ike Jose
86.73 Kb. 1
Peter MacNeil Professor Dr. WrightPeter MacNeil Professor Dr. Wright
Voice and His Wife by Daniel David Moses and The Ecstasy of Rita Joe by George Ryga the audience is given the opportunity to revisit a side of Canadian history that many would like to forget
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Review of Asian Studies Vol. 18 (2016): 69-79 Grotjohn: k-popReview of Asian Studies Vol. 18 (2016): 69-79 Grotjohn: k-pop
American protest music of the 1960s along with Han Dae Su’s “Give Me Some Water” (“Mul Jom Juso”) to show how music has been used for political resistance. When Han De Su sings “Give me some water. I am thirsty”
Review 72.17 Kb. 1
My portfolioMy portfolio
This is a great site that suggests lesson plans, activities and projects for secondary school students (different grades from 5th to 10th ) they are targeting native learners but we can adapt them to suit our eesl classes
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Cain versus Abel and the show\Cain versus Abel and the show's mythology
God. Cain, the older brother, was a "civilized" farmer. When God rejected one of Cain's sacrifices, but accepted Abel's, Cain murdered Abel in a jealous rage and tried to hide the crime
481.94 Kb. 10


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