Muhlenbein, M. (ed.) 2015. Basics in Human Evolution. Elsevier ( in press ). Chapter 27: agriculturalismMuhlenbein, M. (ed.) 2015. Basics in Human Evolution. Elsevier ( in press ). Chapter 27: agriculturalism
Alien species – one introduced to a region after 1492, usually due to human transport either intentional or otherwise
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Getting Started with PerlGetting Started with Perl
These strengths make it especially popular with system administrators and cgi script authors, but mathematicians, geneticists, journalists, and even managers also use Perl. Maybe you should, too
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Screendance 0: Social Dance-MediaScreendance 0: Social Dance-Media
Following protocols from social media, each of these modalities represents a form of participatory choreography or performance that evidences social media’s impression upon dance in contemporary popular culture
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Kubla khan, samuel taylor coleridgeKubla khan, samuel taylor coleridge
My spiritual intelligence is certainly becoming confused by your words of conflicting conclusions, therefore ascending one of them; please reveal definitely that by which I may obtain the greatest benefit.’]
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Timothy ChampionTimothy Champion
Food, technology and culture in the Late Bronze Age of southern Britain: perforated clay plates of the lower Thames valley
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