Arctic Oil/Gas NegArctic Oil/Gas Neg
Major drilling expansion causes methane release- slow releases in the squo will not trigger the impact
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Contractor compensation disadvantagesContractor compensation disadvantages
Defense spending now – and it’s mostly for foreign troops – represents investment in simpler arms for contracts. Withdrawal would shift budget toward future weapons, and industry lobbyist are compensated with contracts
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E-News – February 19, 2013 hhs announces Cap of High Risk Pool Enrollment House Health Panel Is Warned on sgrE-News – February 19, 2013 hhs announces Cap of High Risk Pool Enrollment House Health Panel Is Warned on sgr
The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (pcip) high risk pool was created by the Affordable Care Act as a bridge to 2014 when insurance companies will be forbidden to refuse coverage or demand excessive premiums for people with pre-existing or high
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Real property policysiteReal property policysite
The Best Practices Special Edition of policysite is made possible through the collaborative efforts of the General Services Administration's (gsa)
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Legislation and regulationLegislation and regulation
There is a presumption of “ordinary meaning,” which has come to mean the dictionary definition, but can also be the colloquial use of a term or phrase
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Subject: August 2012 Monthly ReportSubject: August 2012 Monthly Report
This month a discussion was held by the Legislative Committee on the process and details regarding formation, implementation, and execution of a Federal pac. More details to be forthcoming from the Association
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Draft draft draftDraft draft draft
Yet those two paragraphs cannot come close to conveying the seriousness of the failures nor adequately justify why a serving officer would recommend some of the senior Army leaders need to be replaced
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