Research and Practice in Victim Services: Perspectives from Education and ResearchResearch and Practice in Victim Services: Perspectives from Education and Research
In addition to the monetary costs associated with sexual victimization (see Prentky & Burgess, 1990; 2001), the impact of such abuse on the victim has been well-documented
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作者 彭玉樹、于卓民 譯者 unknown asustek computer Strong as Bedrock作者 彭玉樹、于卓民 譯者 unknown asustek computer Strong as Bedrock
R&D strength, on-time delivery, excellent quality, and low prices, the Taiwan motherboard makers became the main contract manufacturers of globally well-known companies
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John Tinsley OdenJohn Tinsley Oden
Oden holds the Cockrell Family Regents’ Chair in Engineering and the Peter O’Donnell, Jr. Centennial Chair in Computer Systems at The University of Texas at Austin
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Acknowledged “Super Committee” Role Creates VulnerabilityAcknowledged “Super Committee” Role Creates Vulnerability
Upton acknowledged that his seat on the Congressional “Super Committee” made him a vulnerable target in his 2012 re-election bid
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Usawc strategy research projectUsawc strategy research project
Master of Strategic Studies Degree. The views expressed in this student academic research paper are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U
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Ambush marketingAmbush marketing
Major Sporting Events, that is to say worldwide known manifestations which reputation transcends the mere national frontiers So the problem of ambush-marketing is how to take advantage of commercial consequences of a sporting event without
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Program-for-results information document (pid) appraisal stageProgram-for-results information document (pid) appraisal stage
With a gross national income per capita of about us$3,440 (2015), Indonesia is currently classified as a lower-middle-income country and will transition to an upper-middle-income country with continued economic growth
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Proposal of the Curriculum Sub-Committee of the Humanities Project I. Broad goalsProposal of the Curriculum Sub-Committee of the Humanities Project I. Broad goals
The Arts and Humanities enrich and illuminate every aspect of human experience. They teach us how to make sense of the past, and its continued life in the present. They are fundamental to liberal arts and sciences education in America
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The british-irish parliamentary assemblyThe british-irish parliamentary assembly
They should remain standing while they make their contributions, as, otherwise, the sound system will be unable to record contributions. Finally
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Review of Science and Technology in the MakingReview of Science and Technology in the Making
While the number of contributions to all of them was disappointingly small, the best did hold out hope for the uses of the genre. The review concludes that the network as an integrating framework both added coherence and permitted
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