Inherency 15 Inherency Energy Dept Blocking 16Inherency 15 Inherency Energy Dept Blocking 16
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19 June 2015 Higher Education Program News19 June 2015 Higher Education Program News
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Ethics reporter january, 2011Ethics reporter january, 2011
Of that total, lobbyists were paid $14. 3 million, and spent 2 million on expenses, such as office rent. 2010 employer expenses amounted to $902,000, and total spending for receptions, meals and events was $217,000
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Ap Micta legislative & Regulatory Update April 2014Ap Micta legislative & Regulatory Update April 2014
As we’ve all finally moved into a semblance of Spring after a seemingly endless Winter, along with maybe just a bit of spring cleaning in the office it’s a great time to again review communications procedures for severe weather or other
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Dissenting statement of commissioner ajit paiDissenting statement of commissioner ajit pai
Re: Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services, wc docket No. 16-106
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Acknowledged “Super Committee” Role Creates VulnerabilityAcknowledged “Super Committee” Role Creates Vulnerability
Upton acknowledged that his seat on the Congressional “Super Committee” made him a vulnerable target in his 2012 re-election bid
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The Great American Bubble MachineThe Great American Bubble Machine
Researchers should also note the links at the bottom of this post, which lead to a table of contents that organizes all our contemporaneous posts on The Big fail (the current financial crisis) as it unfolded, going back to pre-tarp days
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Genre: white paper Bailout for a Greener Future The ProblemGenre: white paper Bailout for a Greener Future The Problem
Vlasic and Herszenhorn 2008. Unfortunately, given the state of the economy and the fact that our nation’s largest automakers are on the brink of bankruptcy, now is not the time to delay decisions
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Subject: August 2012 Monthly ReportSubject: August 2012 Monthly Report
This month a discussion was held by the Legislative Committee on the process and details regarding formation, implementation, and execution of a Federal pac. More details to be forthcoming from the Association
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