Bibiography of M. A. K. Halliday Collated by Mick O’DonnellBibiography of M. A. K. Halliday Collated by Mick O’Donnell
This bibliography is intended as a resource for tracking alternative printings of Halliday’s works. As such, reprints of works, whether in untouched, revised, or abridged, are given under the original publication
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Reginald irenee vachonReginald irenee vachon
Professional Engineer: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Wisconsin
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Glenn d. ReederGlenn d. Reeder
Implicational Schemata and Dispositional Attribution. Research grant from the National Science Foundation, bns-7914096, 1979-1982. Amount: $38,495
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Calvert Johnson, compiler, 2012Calvert Johnson, compiler, 2012
Prepared for the Royal Canadian College of Organists national convention, Victoria bc, July 2010
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Satish sharmaSatish sharma
Cont. Professor (1988-Cont.), School Chairperson/Director (1986-93); Graduate Program Coordinator (1997-2003); bsw program Coordinator
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Office Address: Computer Science and Computer Engineering, jbht-csce 504, University of ArkansasOffice Address: Computer Science and Computer Engineering, jbht-csce 504, University of Arkansas
Vision, ProFusion, ProFilter and obiwan have resulted in software licenses to industry from the University of Kansas. She is past Vice-Chair for the acm special Interest Group on Information Retrieval and is a reviewer for major funding
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Accepted: 01/10/2008Accepted: 01/10/2008
This system maintains high classification accuracy and provides accurate estimates of document proportions, while achieving reliability levels associated with human efforts
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Publications by John TaitPublications by John Tait
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Curriculum vitae personal detailsCurriculum vitae personal details
Hmeidi I, Kanaan G. and Evens M. “ Design and Implementation of Automatic Indexing for
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University of Minnesota, MorrisUniversity of Minnesota, Morris
Dissertation Title: “Gorbachev's Foreign Policy Toward the Two Koreas, 1985-1991: Power and the New Political Thinking”
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Judith Lynne HannaJudith Lynne Hanna
Professional Focus: cross-disciplinary study of performance in the arts and society
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Resume Christoph F. EickResume Christoph F. Eick
Work-address: Christoph F. Eick, Department of Computer Science, University of Houston, Houston, tx 77204-3010
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Forthcoming meetings and conferencesForthcoming meetings and conferences
The siam conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures will be held in Orlando, Florida, usa from 2nd to 4th October 2004
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Garth Andrew MyersGarth Andrew Myers
Dissertation: Reconstructing Ng'ambo: Town Planning and Development on the Other Side of Zanzibar. Advisor: Gerry A. Hale. Committee: Judith Carney, Michael Curry, Edward Soja, and Edward Alpers
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Annex 1: Terminology Used in the Gender Equality StrategyAnnex 1: Terminology Used in the Gender Equality Strategy
Gender is part of the broader socio-cultural context. Other important criteria for socio-cultural analysis include class, race, poverty level, ethnic group and age.”57
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