List Processing Background and Getting StartedList Processing Background and Getting Started
Unlike most languages, lisp is usually used as an interpreted language. This means that, unlike compiled languages, you start an interpreter which can process and respond directly to programs written in lisp
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Programming languagesProgramming languages
General rules for the composition of source text Error: Reference source not found
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Sight translationSight translation
Mental agility is extremely important in sight translating – in your vocabulary and phrasing, and in your flexibility to switch registers, language, and intonation
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Csc 112 – lecture oneCsc 112 – lecture one
An operating system, or "OS" for short, is software that communicates with the hardware and allows other programs to run. The operating system is considered the most important program that is on a computer
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Introduction to the science of simultaneous translationIntroduction to the science of simultaneous translation
The conference interpreters, in a way, becomes the delegates they are interpreting. They speak in the first person when the delegate does so, not translating along the lines of ‘He says that he thinks this is a useful idea ’
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