Wipo arbitration and Mediation CenterWipo arbitration and Mediation Center
The Complainant is Cox Holdings Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America, represented by Dow Lohnes, pllc, United States of America
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Ingushetia 2007: what is coming next?Ingushetia 2007: what is coming next?
Murders of people belonging to the ethnic minorities in the Republic and subsequent investigation. An open letter of public opinion representatives of the Republic of Ingushetia 17
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Review of Remote-Sensing and gis technologies and ApproachesReview of Remote-Sensing and gis technologies and Approaches
The transition towards a more capable and comprehensive remote-sensing approach will require some research on specific issues in order to determine the best approaches and the limitations of each approach for the resource programs
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Federation of Tax AdministratorsFederation of Tax Administrators
The Technology Sub-committee facilitates and encourages all tax authorities: federal, state/provincial and local, and taxpayers alike, to comply with this point
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One hundred years of monitoring in theOne hundred years of monitoring in the
St. Croix Estuary provides insight into the decade to decade changes in sea surface temperature and surface salinity, helping researchers to better understand the timing of these seasonal cycles and how this might affect the dozens of plankton species inhabiting
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Kenya standard ks 06-77: 1978 ics 13. 340Kenya standard ks 06-77: 1978 ics 13. 340
No copying of this standard without kebs permission except as permitted by copyright law
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Sponsored by the Graduate School, College of ArtsSponsored by the Graduate School, College of Arts
Horizon Blues. Behind the woman a noticeboard, plastered with pamphlets and fliers in patchwork pattern; positioned in the eye line of the woman’s vacant stare a flyer reads in bold green print ‘Managing on a low income’
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