The \"Metaphysicals\": English Baroque Literature in ContextThe "Metaphysicals": English Baroque Literature in Context
Discourse concerning the Original and Progress of Satire (1693) Dryden described how, during his aberration from reason as a youth, he was dazzled by Abraham Cowley's "points of wit, and quirks of epigram" and other "puerilities"
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We drive to do the tourWe drive to do the tour
Dr. Michael F. Wagner, Institute for History, International and Social Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University, Denmark
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From gallons to milesFrom gallons to miles
We find that a vmt tax dominates a gasoline tax on efficiency, distributional and political grounds when policymakers enact independent fuel economy policies and when the vmt tax is differentiated with externalities imposed per mile
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The law of contractThe law of contract
To provide the candidate with a broad understanding of the following concepts pertaining to the Law of Contract
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3 Powerful Mantras for Entrepreneurs Facing Their Toughest Obstacles3 Powerful Mantras for Entrepreneurs Facing Their Toughest Obstacles
Mantras can be incredibly helpful for anyone facing professional or personal challenges
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