An overview of land evaluation and land use planning at faoAn overview of land evaluation and land use planning at fao
Fao approaches are outlined. Plans for enhancing the current land-evaluation framework and/or existing land-use planning approaches that would allow better incorporation of a wider range of goods and services in selecting land-use options
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Children’s Culture Steven MintzChildren’s Culture Steven Mintz
The commercialization, commodification, and colonization of children’s culture are watchwords of contemporary cultural criticism
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History of Electronic MusicHistory of Electronic Music
Together, this creates an infinite number of historical steps leading to electronic music known today. Thusly, this paper is not meant to be inclusive
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Orders of MagnitudeOrders of Magnitude
Today, we know that atoms do not represent the smallest unit of matter. In first year we learned that atoms are made up of a positively charged nucleus containing protons and neutrons with negatively charged electrons orbiting it
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Precursors to the SynthesizerPrecursors to the Synthesizer
This overview showcases a few of the most significant developments in synthesizer history
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Miguel Carreras Scott MorgensternMiguel Carreras Scott Morgenstern
Latin America to generate a map of the evolution of partisan loyalties in Latin America in the period 1980-2012. Our analysis reveals that the conventional view of widespread partisan dealignment in Latin America is largely inaccurate
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