Activities 2012-13 1st August 2012: Raksha Bandhan CelebrationActivities 2012-13 1st August 2012: Raksha Bandhan Celebration
The students from classes I-III displayed their artistic talent in making innovative designs and patterns on the rakhis while the students from classes IV-V adorned their plates with a wide range of craft and glitter material
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442 Port Frederick Tidal Power Project442 Port Frederick Tidal Power Project
Hoonah. The power plant would be connected to Hoonah via undersea cable, and supply the major portion of the community’s power. The completed project is estimated to cost $22,000,000
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Wanampi: rainbow serpent of the desertWanampi: rainbow serpent of the desert
Aboriginal artistic practice. This essay accompanies an exhibition of Indigenous art from the collection of Dr David and Linnett Turner plus one work contributed by the author
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Griswoldville parkGriswoldville park
A leading site selection consultant recently named Griswoldville Park as a top site in Middle Georgia for manufacturing and distribution
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New London ExplosionNew London Explosion
The skies were blue, and the warm temperatures whispered that the heat of summer was not far away. It was Thursday, a day much like any other in the unincorporated districts of London and New London, located in the Northwest corner of Rusk
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