Evolution of the National Weather ServiceEvolution of the National Weather Service
July 4, 1776 was 76 degrees. Jefferson made regular observations at Monticello from 1772-78, and participated in taking the first known simultaneous weather observations in America. George Washington also took regular observations
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Tulane University of Tulsa University of CincinnatiTulane University of Tulsa University of Cincinnati
Baseball has won the Regular Season Conference Championships and Eight Conference Tournament Titles. They have played in two College World Series in 2001 and 2005
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Managing MillennialsManaging Millennials
This article is an excerpt from Connecting Generations: The Sourcebook by Claire Raines
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Computer Industry AnalysisComputer Industry Analysis
Ibm, hp, Dell, Apple, and Toshiba. This analysis will focus on computer manufacturing since it is the largest component of the industry, containing 43. 7% of the market’s total value
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Hose lines for the latest generations of enginesHose lines for the latest generations of engines
ContiTech for current and future challenges in the industry. Oil and coolant hoses for high-temperature applications are some of the highlights that ContiTech Fluid Technology will present during iaa commercial Vehicles 2014 in Hanover
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Apple Inc. Apple Computer, IncApple Inc. Apple Computer, Inc
Logic Studio, a suite of music production tools and its ios mobile Operating System. As of August 2010, the company operates 301 retail stores in ten countries, and an online store where hardware and software products are sold
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Burdette-Taylor, M. (2012). Wounded warrior projectBurdette-Taylor, M. (2012). Wounded warrior project
Jects and programs to the dedicated men and women who serve our country. A certain woman who was more experienced than most tells the story of an upbringing of a specific program designed to encourage participation in athletic and artistic camps and events for
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I. project overviewI. project overview
What is spatial and temporal variability in phylogenetic and functional diversity of resident microbial communities, and what are the nature and magnitude of dominant metabolic processes?
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