Senate, No. 1957 state of new jersey 214th legislatureSenate, No. 1957 state of new jersey 214th legislature
An Act concerning artificial reefs and supplementing Title 23 of the Revised Statutes
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From Mu To Thule And the Inner EarthFrom Mu To Thule And the Inner Earth
James Churchward, Percy H. Fawcett, and Heinrich Schliemann, and mystic-explorers like Nicholas Roerich and Theodore Illion. Theosophists and philosophers like Helena Blavatsky, W
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Ocean floor mappingOcean floor mapping
Oceanic exploration during the next centuries dramatically improved our knowledge of the ocean floor. We now know that most of the geologic processes occurring on land are linked, directly or indirectly, to the dynamics of the ocean floor
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Eli webinarEli webinar
Malcolm Brown, the Director of the eli, and I will be the host of today’s session. The Eli is very pleased to welcome today’s speakers, Emory Craig and Maya Georgieva I will introduce them in just a moment
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