Jerry D. Petersen Wilt Chamberlain March 13, 2013 (155-2013-05)Jerry D. Petersen Wilt Chamberlain March 13, 2013 (155-2013-05)
I was watching Sports Nation on espn2 the other night and they had a segment on the world’s greatest athlete. The winner was Michael Jordan. Wilt Chamberlain did not even make the top 10
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Prayer and Action for DarfurPrayer and Action for Darfur
As communities of faith, we are called to stand against injustice. Today, our collective strength is urgently needed to end the genocide in Darfur, in western Sudan
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I woke up and my clock read 3: 00I woke up and my clock read 3: 00
I looked in the corner of the room, there in the dark was a shadow with blue eyes. I tried to ask who or what it was, but I couldn’t find my voice. I tried screaming, but no sound came out
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Wolf spirit radio Connecting ConsciousnessWolf spirit radio Connecting Consciousness
Inner Earth, to go or not go to the light upon death of the physical body and the possible consequences
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Cast: Batman/Bruce Wayne Val KilmerCast: Batman/Bruce Wayne Val Kilmer
Opening Credits—Camera Panning around a warehouse…very slowly. Not very clear what the camera is looking at. As the credits are ending the camera rolls up to bat signal in the night sky and in the middle of the logo: Directed by Nick Smith
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