Of the mayaOf the maya
In Central America there are important messages from the Maya which have been recorded in their monumental architecture… left for us to read thousands of years later
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Kristoph and the Matrix – Part OneKristoph and the Matrix – Part One
Kristoph lingered on the step, kissing Marion very intently. He had done so on countless mornings before he went to his work as the Magister of the Southern Continent. He did the same before his official car took him to his work as President
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Table of contents introduction 1Table of contents introduction 1
Welcome to the University of Massachusetts/Amherst Dance Program. This handbook is designed to answer questions you may have about the dance major, course requirements, performing opportunities and other aspects of the program
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Mathological Dialectics (The Evolution of God)Mathological Dialectics (The Evolution of God)
Below, written April 2012 in Bakersfield, ca, by Allan Ralph Andrews, born September 13th 1939 in Long Beach, Ca, 4: 03 am to Jean (Thompson) Andrews (remarried in 1954 as Mrs. Paul Colaluca) and Ralph B
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Wolf spirit radio Connecting ConsciousnessWolf spirit radio Connecting Consciousness
Inner Earth, to go or not go to the light upon death of the physical body and the possible consequences
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6. Death and the Mind6. Death and the Mind
Who are we? What are we? We emerge, seemingly from nothingness, into the physical world. Is it to nothingness that we return? Are we our physical bodies? Our personalities?
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On the Concept of the IdealOn the Concept of the Ideal
Before discussing the concept itself we must first consider the terms “ideal” and “ideality”, that is to say, we must first define the range of phenomena to which these terms may be applied
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Targeted individual handbookTargeted individual handbook
The phenomenon of state-sponsored terrorism is nothing new and has been orchestrated
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