How can Statistics be Utilized to Assess a nascar driver’s Performance?How can Statistics be Utilized to Assess a nascar driver’s Performance?
The statistics nascar provides about a race can often go very far in explaining more about a driver’s performance than merely the finish that is put in the record books. How can statistics be utilized to assess a driver’s performance?
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The Rise of Air DefenseThe Rise of Air Defense
In its heyday, it included a Ground Observer Corps, radar picket lines in the far north, sage centers, and almost 1,500 interceptors
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Reflections on the eBook Race Against the MachineReflections on the eBook Race Against the Machine
Some of the changes are already here, and the authors demonstrate how innovation in combination with human skills and organization agility and modification will lead to success
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Chapter 1: is the earth worth saving?Chapter 1: is the earth worth saving?
Mankind may yet meet that fate, too. But we're the only species that can even contemplate it and, just maybe, do something to prevent it. Melinda Beck and David Glick, in "Doomsday Science", Newsweek cover story, November 23, 1992
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Augmented reality simulations on handheld computersAugmented reality simulations on handheld computers
Games-to-Teach Project. The authors would like to thank Henry Jenkins of mit and Randy Hinrichs at Microsoft Research, co-pis of this project for their support, as well as Kodjo Hesse, Gunnar Harboe
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