Coral literature annotated bibliographyCoral literature annotated bibliography
Abele, L. G. & Patton, W. K. (1976). The size of coral heads and the community biology of associated
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Unit A. Gadgets Vocabulary Make sure that you know the wordsUnit A. Gadgets Vocabulary Make sure that you know the words
Gadgets are invariably considered to be more unusually or cleverly designed than normal technological objects at the time of their invention. Gadgets are sometimes also referred to as gizmos
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Some Propositions on Local Governance handoutSome Propositions on Local Governance handout
While at first glance the theme may seem straightforward, in fact each of the core notions contained within it is contentious. The two propositions below are intended to provoke some of this debate in order to establish the rational
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Whites in the Civil Rights MovementWhites in the Civil Rights Movement
The role of African American participants is well known and well documented so it does not need to be reiterated, but white participation was also significant. Clearly African Americans were not the only ones that cared about civil rights; they just had the most
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One Book Nova Scotia Final Report for 2012One Book Nova Scotia Final Report for 2012
Scotia, public, university and community college libraries came together to work with the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Provincial Library and Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage
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About the British Film Institute (bfi)About the British Film Institute (bfi)
It is now a Government arm’s-length body and distributor of Lottery funds for film
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