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Policy forum armenia after the crisisPolicy forum armenia after the crisis
Fdi. But exports (which are highly concentrated around copper, molybdenum, and tourism) stagnated from 2005 when growth in income per-capita continued while exports per capita started to fall—thus the bulk of gdp growth was driven by the non-tradable sectors and
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Program information document (pid) appraisal stageProgram information document (pid) appraisal stage
Growth has recently begun to dent unemployment which stands at nearly one-third of the labor force. During this time, economic growth was driven for the first time by a high rate of export expansion, which tripled in 2001-2005
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Ownership Partners have operational national development strategiesOwnership Partners have operational national development strategies
In 2003, with support from the Organization of American States, the Government also conducted a long-term vision exercise—Honduras 2021—through a national dialogue, to further agreement around long-term development objectives
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Senegal wt/tpr/S/223/sen page Annex 2 senegal contentsSenegal wt/tpr/S/223/sen page Annex 2 senegal contents
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